Bike Porn

When looking at motorcycles… what else do you need?

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Termas de Río Hondo GP

Unbeatable? Is Maverick Viñales unbeatable on a Yamaha? We haven’t found out yet as the clash of the titans didn’t happen. Marquez crashed while having made a great start and being two seconds ahead of the second best. Moto GP is now an open war…

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Finally for Ducati! Was Iannone decision a mistake?

Congratulations to the Ducati team, after six years since Casey Stoner’s times, a new victory for the red Scuderia.

And it was also a first victory to Andrea Iannone in Moto GP as well, and no need to say all the history with the team, but what’s more shocking is that he will be sacked by the end of the season.

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The Soul of Japan

World’s first motorcycle manufacturer is Japan. They make and sell the most bikes ridden in the world and nobody can deny they make great machines. However; japanese bikes didn’t quite feel with the definition of a motorbike with a soul. They lacked the character that makes Harleys, BMW’s or Ducatis unique… but that’s about to change, and they are also injecting a soul to their bikes now.


…but a very fast bitch, specially in Austin where nobody could follow him!

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