The Five Brands that Kickstart our Hearts!

Enthusiast sometimes just want to ride as many motorcycles as they possibly can, or they are devoted to a unique brand. Which kind are you?

It can be the brand you dreamt of when you were a kid or just the motorcycle you’ve learnt to love in adulthood.

We present five of the most beloved brands in the world, and as usual I could have included others, but I didn’t!

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Getting closer to the end of a battle

I would have bet that Dani Pedrosa was to take this weekend’s Moto GP at Motegi, but having seen the events that is not going to be possible. The Spaniard crashed and broke a collarbone, it seems this kid is always breaking once he hits the ground, and that’s why he’s not a Moto GP champion.

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Ducati clash! Moto GP after Argentina and Michelin disaster

What a race we watched yesterday! Moto GP is getting  more and more interesting at a giant pace and we have to congratulate Marc Marquez for a glorious victory. The spaniard was unbelievable and did quite a quiet race being faster than hell and getting out of trouble asap.

The ones who were not so happy were the guys at Michelin -I imagine people at Bridgestone’s office clapping and cheering- nor were the guys at Ducati. Continue reading

Valentino Rossi Marc Marquez Clash

46 Vs 93

Sepang Circuit saw one of the most disturbing pages of motorcycle history ever when Valentino Rossi 46 allegedly kicked down Marc Marquez 93, but what was going on?

#austingp 😟

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Motorcycle move the passion we all have inside our souls. For humanity star Valentino Rossi has always been a matter of life and death and the end of a successful career. For ‘not so rookie now’ Marc Marquez a dream to achieve… and titans clash inside and outside of the tracks. It is very difficult for riders to remain friends after the high speed battles, and lives are always at risk.

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