Motorcycle Reviews, the beauty, the comfy, and the beast

I just returned from testing three different bikes, and I must say I love them all!

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The Five Brands that Kickstart our Hearts!

Enthusiast sometimes just want to ride as many motorcycles as they possibly can, or they are devoted to a unique brand. Which kind are you?

It can be the brand you dreamt of when you were a kid or just the motorcycle you’ve learnt to love in adulthood.

We present five of the most beloved brands in the world, and as usual I could have included others, but I didn’t!

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Sorrounded by Motorbikes

Sometimes, you just enter a temple where motorcycles are sold and find all types of cycles, apparel, smiles, engines, oils, armour… and it feels like heaven.

I should change my career I guess… well the thing is I got to have a close look to one new beast on the market, a bike that would not leave anyone without an opinion. The KTM Superduke is a beast worth looking at, beautiful, mean, fast and noisy. Everything a road warrior would ever want.