Motorcycles are Heavy Metal

The best industrial revolution device for us is the motorbike, that’s for sure. The Heavy Metal industry.

AFB wants to give tribute to those who made us dream of motorbikes before we were even of age to join the driving school.

Heavy Metal on two wheels!

Image result for heavy metal motorbike

Extra Mile: Scrambler 1100

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Ed Force One – Iron Maiden’s ride

I have always thought Iron Maiden‘s members are not human, superheroes the least if not alien anunnakis or some like that.

It’s not possible for a human being in a lifetime to become a world famous heavy metal legend, to do so well in everything, to be a faun athlete, to write screenplays for movies,  to have a music solo career and to become a fucking pilot and fly the band all over the world…

Bruce Dickinson, when I grow up I want to be like you…

BTW I got tickets for Seville!!!! Another Iron Maiden concert would do me no harm!!!!