Riding through Tabarnia

Tabarnia is a small territory inside Catalonia which has been oppressed for years, in the day they are claiming their independence declaration from Catalonia, or Tabarnexit I can only remember my great memories when riding that land.

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Around the world

It is a constant you can find in many motorcycle riders out there, travelling around the world on a motorbike…

I guess Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are quite responsible for that, but do not forget the master, the very first person to attempt, and fulfill, in going around the globe on a motorbike, Ted Simon.

Which of them would you imitate?

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Ducati Across Europe

There are times in which you just get lucky and things seem to work our for you. That was the last month of June for me I’d say. I made one of my dearest dreams come true. One way or another, I’ve always dreamt of being paid for riding a motorcycle, and I finally did.


The main reason why getting paid for riding was so important for me is basically because getting bikes and keeping them is something that has proved extremely difficult for me in some moments of my life. Financial problems have always stopped me from getting them. After years of hard work I finally got my Triumph and I am quite happy with it, but then this came along.

Somebody asked me to ride a Ducati Multistrada 1200 to Zurich, and then return with a new one. That sounds awesome, right? It was a tiring 4,500 km trip, which was full of emotion and incredible landscapes.


I came back with the 2015 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S which I’d say it’s even better than the previous one as it is more capable of touring without effort. Not that the old one isn’t, but the power delivery is milder in touring mode now and the cruise control make the bike easier for the longer distance.


But in both cases, the bike was super powerful and responsive, with incredible brakes and you keep control of it at all moments despite the brutal power. The transition of landscapes was incredible, and the Alps a must go. Torque and horsepower to create a unique atmosphere in which the soul of the rider becomes one with the machine and the surrounding universe. A place to find yourself on the road.

Swimming in a lake in the Alps, going through France, overtaking Porsches in Switzerland with this machine have proved to be the best antidote for our lives.


The amount of fun taken in a ride is proportional to the number of dead mosquitoes smashed on the bike.