If you can’t beat them, join them!

Difficult times for Ducati when on the race tracks his star racer hasn’t been winning for a while…

Extra Mile: Woodman Protective

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Getting closer to the end of a battle

I would have bet that Dani Pedrosa was to take this weekend’s Moto GP at Motegi, but having seen the events that is not going to be possible. The Spaniard crashed and broke a collarbone, it seems this kid is always breaking once he hits the ground, and that’s why he’s not a Moto GP champion.

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…but a very fast bitch, specially in Austin where nobody could follow him!

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Rossi and Marquez in Valencia… have we forgotten Lorenzo???

Valentino Rossi comes with a total of 312 points to sunny Spain, and 4 victories. Behind him, and playing at home, comes Jorge Lorenzo with a total of 305 points and 6 victories. We do not know anything about any possible sanction to Valentino Rossi, and believe there’s not much risk of rain in Spain. I don’t live far from Valencia and the Mediterranean coastline currently has a lovely weather.

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Joan Garriga, second best

It was a motorcycle what made him dream, and it was a motorcycle what took him away last week. Joan Garriga was the eternal second best in ’88 season when fighting for the 250cc world championship against Sito Pons… but sometimes, there’s no room for a second best

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