Bike Porn

When looking at motorcycles… what else do you need?

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You can tell by parked motorcycles

Right at the end of my well deserved holiday, it was Paris this year, for a romantic jo journey with my girlfriend, no motorcycles involved as I had to think of her, anyway, I can’t help but observing on the rues du Paris.IMG_20170921_155212.jpg

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The mystery of riding

Riding seems quite chaotic sometimes. How can a two wheel vehicle find a balance? How can a rider shift gears, push levers, control the direction and enjoy the ride?

Traffic is a chaotic system in which we find balance and we enjoy, but that only happens when we take things for granted. The first thing you have to do is learn. Then, you have to forget and let your body and brain do things automatically. That’s the only way you’ll find the balance and get yourself in motion.

Beyond that, everything goes…

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10 motorcycles that changed history

We have a bunch of new motorcycles every year, some of them are improvements of already existing machines while others, are made to fill gaps between bikes of the same fabricator or machines made to fight competitors’ bikes in the market.

However; only a few machines out there stand out of the crowd and create something never seen before, these are highly popular machines that re-define the market and the way motorcycles are in history.

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