The New MotoGP

The championship can be anything but ordinary this year. Four riders on top, a fifth getting closer, new chassis, text messages, never-ending tyre changes and irregular results anything can happen.

One day you’re on top, the next race you’re in the mud. This is a review of the current MotoGP situation through its top ranking riders in this moment.

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Getting closer to the end of a battle

I would have bet that Dani Pedrosa was to take this weekend’s Moto GP at Motegi, but having seen the events that is not going to be possible. The Spaniard crashed and broke a collarbone, it seems this kid is always breaking once he hits the ground, and that’s why he’s not a Moto GP champion.

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Fear of Falling Down

The German GP was hard for all riders… and as it always happens in the rain, it is more of a lottery game than a race

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Yamaha engine ruined Rossi’s race

 What’s up with those M-1 engines? Lorenzo 99 broke one during the warm-up and Valentino Rossi 46 was even more unfortunate breaking the engine during a fantastic race.

It was a great race, but it could have been much better if Rossi had played his part


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…but a very fast bitch, specially in Austin where nobody could follow him!

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Ducati clash! Moto GP after Argentina and Michelin disaster

What a race we watched yesterday! Moto GP is getting  more and more interesting at a giant pace and we have to congratulate Marc Marquez for a glorious victory. The spaniard was unbelievable and did quite a quiet race being faster than hell and getting out of trouble asap.

The ones who were not so happy were the guys at Michelin -I imagine people at Bridgestone’s office clapping and cheering- nor were the guys at Ducati. Continue reading