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Married and unhappy looking for the same in a woman Look Couples

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Married and unhappy looking for the same in a woman

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5'8 decent body, dark features and down to earth guy here looking for a nice lady to have some fun with. Seeking for a real man seeking for a good man to spend time with on my days ghe. M4w Hey ladies. Now what I'm seeking for: God fearing first and foremost, its easy to say one is a Christian and its another thing to live like one, staying strong and moral, loving as Beautiful adult want sex dating MD did. All work and and woamn play is no fun.

Age: 30
Relationship Status: Divorced
Seeking: Ready Men
City: Indianapolis, IN
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A new NHS survey shows women to be unhappier than men for almost their entire lives — until their mids, by when the men with whom they have often shared those lives have usually dropped dead.

It is not an encouraging scenario. That women are unhappy until their partners die is not flattering for men.

For the women, it is even worse — they are the miserable ones. Post- Weinsteinwe fear that powerful men are toxic. Now it appears that everyday male partners are toxic, too.

But for everyday misery, women beat men every time. For anyone of a remotely feminist persuasion, this is unanswerable proof that men are a trial, a burden and selfish to boot.

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Men make you miserable. The misery levels tail off as old age kicks in and the burdens of children and looking after ageing parents lessen. Further analysis of the figures supports the case that men are the problem.

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In contrast, married women are the most likely to be miserable. One of the comments following a newspaper article in which this survey is reported talks about a grandmother who hated her husband so much that when he went to unahppy loo, she would get up and punch the chair, pretending it was him.

Women tend to be higher in negative emotion and more responsive to grief, threat, punishment and isolation, whether they are Swedish, Spanish or Saudi. Dame phenomenon crosses all cultures, suggesting, heretically, that it is inborn.

And conscientiousness, while useful, can lead to unhealthy perfectionism: If you discount psychometrics — some brand it junk science — there are other reasons why women in middle age are likely to be unhappy. And perhaps the fading of physical charm that both genders experience may be taken harder by women, as it is usually so much more powerful Porno women bad them in the first place.

I am not making excuses for men. Well, I am.

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Perhaps our ability to wriggle off the hook is the other reason why we find more reasons to be cheerful. Maybe women are unhappier than Marrked because they pin themselves to higher moral standards. I think I would rather be happy than good.

Women should try it. They might be amazed at how much their partners appreciate it, because it will reduce their burden of male guilt.

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And, at the same time, it will cheer up the women themselves. Given all the chairs wives will no longer have to punch, there will be a considerable saving on upholstery.

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