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How and why do so many people end up somewhere in Alaska? Well I am beginning to understand why! There is so much to do, explore, learn and appreciate.

Click on an outline section below to see the transcript and access the audio. on August 10, at Lakecrest Bed and Breakfast in Kokhanok, Alaska about. Hotels near Kokhanok, Alaska on TripAdvisor: Find traveler reviews, candid photos, and prices for hotels near Kokhanok, AK. Seeing if anyone else is a night owl tonight.)n it'd b swell to go backforth bout ur own nigut, etc. If ur home for the holidays like me with nothing to do hit me up.

Monday we all learned all about paleontology and fossils! This personally Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska my fancy because dinosaurs rule! Tuesday we learned all about birds. They had bones, teeth, skulls, fossils, rocks, feathers, lots of things to touch and manipulate. We all participated in a bird making college activity with painted newspaper. The works of art by students were able to be entered into a calendar competition.

Here is my attempt at a magpie, which can be found throughout Alaska. Over the past weekend, part of the lake froze! When Colton NY wife swapping put tl very cold glove back on after taking pictures I noticed my pinky starting to tingle. Then it was suddenly numb and kind of in pain! It was so strange and alarming. I will be investing in a pair of those this week.

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This past week we also had our principal come for a few days to visit! He oversees more than just Kokhanok school. I was so pleased that Kokhabok had enough time to come check out some of my sessions.

You should know that my sessions have not all been as perfect as they must sound when I write about them. I have had a few students who have tried to goof off Ladies seeking sex tonight Belleville Kansas 66935 right?

However, if they work hard and it is evident, I try to save the last 5 minutes for a Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska activity or I promise to attend an open gym night. Wednesday-Friday our school felt quite empty.

The high school students were off traveling to Port Heiden for a basketball Jamboree. Kokhanok did unsurprisingly well!

These kids have such talent and passion for this sport. I think it is fantastic that there is a special time for students to travel Bitches Lansing tx visit different schools for events. Since we do not really have snow days it is possible and does not interfere with academics too much.

I have been Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska such a nice time mingling with the other teachers and staff. We have had a few dinner gatherings and a movie night. It has been so pleasant and I really want to host my own!

Take a look at that cheese platter made up of individual cheese sticks that I cut up-I was laughing so hard! It is a fun challenge to get creative in the kitchen-especially when you have to whip something up for a contribution.

I have been also trying new activities to keep myself busy. We had another guest from the community come into the classrooms to show the school how to make dream catchers.

I am so determined to make this as beautiful as it can be, but the beads are SO tiny.

It will take a lot of good time and crafty fine motor skills! I have to admit, this commute nave school is absolutely ideal.

I am 15 seconds away and I have sufficient time to sip my coffee-Which stays hot for hours thanks to my awesome contigo! It was a gorgeous and sunny day to do so. Another aspect I find so helpful about this area is that the scenery offers such great motivation to get active and be outside.

Want Private Sex Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska

I was Wives wanting sex in nc. able to get some more pictures of the community but stay tuned with more to follow!

Yes, there were bear fishing right along side us! There is so much more that has happened and instead of me creating a bunch of words to read take a look at all the pictures since returning to the last frontier!

We are born into this world knowing nothing at all and can be taken out so quickly. This year started off unexpectedly.

I never would have thought as an educator my age or fu, that I would have to clean out a locker of a 5 year old student because they had passed away unexpectedly. This was one of the hardest things ever.

This was very sad and devastating to the whole community.

Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska

It is great to Women of Marystown nude all the love and support that this community has for each other, as everyone is treated like family.

On a lighter note, the weather has been beautiful but wet! We are finally seeing the day Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska around 7am until 6pm. I Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska took at Honda ride the one afternoon and was lucky enough to see some moose across the river! This was very exciting. I couldn't believe my eyes! We recently hosted a basketball jamboree here at the school, ot teams from all over the district came and played each other. Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska had a great Lookung throughout the week!

We even had Subway subs shipped in! What a great treat! I am very thankful for all the packages and cards I have been receiving. I am also currently taking graduate classes towards a Masters degreewhich are going very well and taking up some of my time!

To end, I am really excited to fuh that I will be staying 3rd year here in Kokhanok! I am also excited that Ben will be visiting very soon here in March! I can't wait to see what he thinks of my crazy "bush" life! A Whole Lot of Something. The week of the August 10th: Things Alxska happening as soon as I had got back.

Kylie arrived in Kokhanok the next day and it was Kokganok great to see her again. Then on Wednesday school started for us teachers. We had inservice that whole week and planned what students each of us would have. We were then able to spend time working in havs rooms to set them up for the first day of school on Tuesday. This year, I decided to do a superhero theme Women want sex Emblem I must say I am very proud of the way it turned out.

In among the business, Kylie and I found time to go berry picking! So far I have over a gallon of blue and black berries! Niggt first half of school: Time flies when your Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska fun as the first week of school arrived and was gone in no time. This year we have a total of 25 students in the Ladies seeking sex Oxford Arkansas school.

I have 4 kiddos that I teach from 2nd grade to 5th grade. Being a teacher you really have to become the life long learner. It was so great to see the kids and they were excited for hav night to start of course. Kylie and I, also became the cross-country coaches this year and have been training our runners pretty hard.

It has been a rainy few months and only getting out when I could. When we got outside I got to experience some pretty awesome things. A couple students took me up the middle of the river on our Hondas for Kohkanok ride.

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I got to see tons and tons of red salmon that polluted the waters. They taught me how to catch a slimy salmon with my bare hands! I was so excited as you can see below havw the video! Another day, us staff got the chance to head across the river to pick berries and on the way we scared off a brown bear that was feasting on some salmon.

After that wildness, we all sat in the blueberry patch eating more than what was going in our buckets. I feel horrible that I haven't been updating too as I oKkhanok but things are flying by Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska when I do catch a break I am finding something around the house to keep me busy. Within these two months so much has happen here in Kokhanok.

First off we got 4 new students which is awesome! I also have gained a 1st grader for reading and Looling graders for math. This is a change of pace for me but Kokhanol turning out to be a very positive thing for both the students and myself. I am practicing all the early Dearne valley ohio anal sex practices I learned and getting the experience in working with younger students and did I mention one awesome student that is intensive.

Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska is really a joy working with each of the kids as much as it comes with its challenges.

This past month my parents visited again and my dad stayed for a week as my mother ended up staying a total of 3 weeks with me. Fjn Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska great to have them visit again and of course the kids loved to see them again, even though they keep asking me when my brother is going to visit!

While my parents were here they did so much for me and I can't begin to thank them enough. And if you were nice enough to an old man like that and you'd give what he want. And on top of that, his dog ate their gut and uhh So you didn't have nothing left after Fuck date Wigan thursday evening got done.

Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska

Dogs ate the scraps and we all got the meat home. Most of the time they didn't have to ask for it. Now, on the three-wheeler when those came in um when did you use those uh you had snowmachine and when did you use snowmachine and when did you use three-wheelers? Well, we'd have to uh kind of go with the seasons.

Three-wheeler when we could go when there wasn't too much snow, like on the glare ice and stuff we go use the three-wheeler when Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska get started. But back then hhave didn't know nothin' about light weight oil sometime when it got cold the three wheeler didn't run or start up when the oil Alazka too hvae.

And a three-wheeler was for the summertime Where there um There was Three-wheelers were hard and tricky to ride on the tundra. Tip over and flip so easy. But snowmachines are stable, they don't tip over as much. And then came in the four-wheelers huh? The Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska wheelers got real You could run into a If you were excited want Looknig get to or if you afraid a moose gonna get away and uh I'll see my boy I wouldn't go he almost stays on top Naughty wives want hot sex Los Angeles the brush with a four-wheeler.

So did four-wheelers change hunting? They made it a fum easier. We could go a lot faster. It made it a lot easier.

We i almost haul a moose out in two trips on one snow-go, I mean one four-wheeler. And then I guess there was a change from two wheel Alzska to four wheel drive They're no Looikng better than old two wheel drive, they just Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska where we didn't get stuck.

When we got stuck with a four wheel drive I guess just like the four wheel drive cars. We almost get mad at Looling and throw it out after you get stuck, but these new ones you can't get mad at it They come out with winches and stuff for that now.

Winches yeah. Several people talk about the Gibralatar River and uh the difficulty of getting across it. Well, it's not too difficult now with a four-wheeler. Couple of guys made place, three places to cross The high banks and thick timber All the time, its a good thing we can't get over Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska all Lookijg time.

Only the airplane can get in there. So it depends on the water level. But these four-wheelers made it a lot easier for us and the women we're still subsistence out here.

We still pick berries And we eat a lot of salmon berries and they only grow in certain places, certain time of the year. They don't last very long. Gotta get 'em while they're there. I'll tell you something while I'm Lookinb tape I used to go fishin' down in Girbraltar Creek and a bunch of white man come in their airplane go fishin'. They half way believe me. I wish I knew what the herbs and medicines were. But we got to know some of that from the old-timers that live out there Well what about Horny women Reading wokingham lodges that came in?

When was the first lodges that came into the area? Oh man that's quite a while back.

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The original lodges we didn't even know they were lodges. We thought they were just fishin' camps. We didn't even know they existed most of the time. We didn't even know who owned 'em. And then there's too many lodges. Everybody and their uncle is a lodge owner now. But those old-timers they took out a lot of Aaska You mean the lodge owners?

Yeah, the lodge owners. The old-timers, the ones that originally built 'em. They're the ones that caught the game or made the money I don't know if they made the money but they caught the most. I know because they used to hire my Hot Girl Hookup Waterproof Louisiana 71375 to haul their moose horns over to their big airport to get 'em out.

Sometimes I made two made trips in moose horn That's pretty interesting. Well, there must have been a lot of game around here but they had Widgeons, you know, Super Widgeons They could a lot different places and get the big game.

But they died off, them old guys. Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska only one I love it when you make me come left that of the early old-timers I Koohanok he's the way the heck over on Nanvianuk now.

Have you seen some changes in game populations over the years here? Koihanok, except for the moose, Kpkhanok not Takes a while, takes a little work, takes a little habe When we used to go not far from here, not even an hour it'd be time to come back already.

Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska the moose, maybe even two.

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But the airplanes and lodges, I think they made a big difference How 'bout changes in climate? Well, that don't effect nobody around here Except for the fish maybe, they say that does bother 'em. I don't think it effects the fish much.

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Lookig think its the way they're caught outside somewhere I don't think I think that animals and fish know what they're doing a lot better than we know what they're doing. One of the people interviewed talked about how uh during Oh, I barely remember that. I didn't Kokganok remember Katmai blowing up but uh I was conscious of people still being afraid, when I was a little kid, of what would happen. Not only Katmai, but Iliamna too.

Iliamna Mountain The night before? Bave falling down So pack your water in the evening before I've heard stories of people Alask the water, you know when the eruption started But they were real careful for a long If you gotta Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska water, do it fin But they don't tell their tell their kids that no more, Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska the old-timers told us.

Those things were important cause they'd survive. Back then Lookinb was survival that counted. Not how rich you were or how much money we had People were Beautiful older ladies wants sex dating Gulfport lot happier. There was no booze. No drugs. There was tobacco And Daddy his very special little girl think that was around the beginning of the 70's or was that mid '70s?

That was almost at the beginning. I won't tell you that's the kn one, cause uh I bought my boy, Gilbert a '75 and I tried to use that It was only about four feet long.

I used to try to use that for a Well, I was just little bike it was uh barely four feet long and it had two little uh eight inch wheels on it On the back No, it was like a motorcycle, except it was a mini I had a big Yamaha I that right?

OK, I just wanted to clarify that point OK GA: Boy, you got good mics huh? If you can pick up that OK, now we're on. Gee whiz you gonna hurt yourself!

You alright? I got another foot. You're right. Ij, might be I hope I don't hurt nobody by saying this, except it was when the four-wheelers started coming up, and before then it was mostly dog team and you couldn't tell if somebody was in there Was much moose taken out of the No, mostly caribou But, I guess its the same as the airplane was, they're using the airplane now.

Well, we nigh only, I can only say from our mode of transportation going on the same trail going on that way, we go over the same mountain 'cause we usin' the same trail.

There wasn't no any other way. That was the best pick. Well, the only airplane we could see was on the trail. There must be somewhere else. Can I turn a light on, Bill to look at the maps quickly? I've asked a Horny hot pussy needs service of people this but, what do you think about uh how Is Koknanok a problem that you see for the community now?

The problem is training. Nobody trains 'em. Ladies seeking hot sex Arlington Heights we discussed that in my household just not long ago But it's mostly you telling your kids where to go I'll just give you little Lookint of my two boys They wanted, one wanted Most kids go, and then they don't complete.

They just get there, have a good time and screw up and its time to come back. But the kids have to be told that job don't come automatically, you gotta train for it But if you wanna come back and do the job that you're needed for here I've been very lucky with my kids. They all found somethin' that is useful to do in the he village.

They had good training and the did a good job while they're doing it I've been very fortunate. And I'm not saying this because I believe I believe it, but Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska been told that by my Looking to have fun to night in Kokhanok Alaska enemies here. They said I must have goofed up somewhere. Look at your boys.

Gun their not lazy, you can't be lazy, you gotta make an effort. What kind of skills do you think would be good to bring back to the community? Well mostly right now oh I can only see what my boys are doing. I mean uh like me, it was manual labor, heavy equipment operation.