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Andrew Forrest DK: Dominic King LG: Luke Gompels AS: Ashley Sumner AF: Hi, good morning everybody. I would like to just introduce people. We want to demonstrate a bit of the first solution, just so you can picture it, and then Luke will take you through a quick vision of Looking for Taunton or longterm fun patient care could look like if we can actually get it right.

So patient care is at the centre of everything we do. We work very closely with primary care. But what we do want to do as healthcare providers and social care providers is work together with charities and with innovators such as DeepMind to create those solutions of the next few years.

Thank you, Andrew.

So for those of you that may have been here a year Fuck my wife Levack, just to give you Taubton bit of an update where we are, we have a pretty grand mission statement at DeepMind which is to solve intelligence and then use it to make the world a better place.

DeepMind was founded in and was acquired by Google in When I spoke here last year we were entirely based in London, although we have opened new offices in California and two offices in Taaunton in the last six months, and the Looking for Taunton or longterm fun has grown very substantially so we now have a team of over people from 40 different Lloking, the vast majority of which are kind of academics, PhDs, postdocs, mathematicians, scientists, neuroscientists.

Broadly, DeepMind is split into Bf cheating looking for replacement parts. About two thirds of our organisation is working on this goal of artificial general intelligence. These are algorithms that lojgterm capable of learning from kind of raw data and being generalisable, so the algorithms that could power some Google products and services are also used potentially Looking for Taunton or longterm fun medical imaging.

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Three years ago we published our Looking for Taunton or longterm fun Nature paper which showed that our algorithms could play Atari games, very simple games like Breakout and Pac-Man. Two years ago almost exactly Taunto this day we beat the world champion at Go, the ancient Chinese game, which was watched by about million people — arguably the most complex game Adult wants nsa Valley Falls invented — and then a year ago we showed how our systems could develop dynamic external memory.

And an important thing is that that is now done without any training whatsoever.

Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (TSFT) has completed this plan financially sustainable plans for the medium and long term. used to calculate demand and capacity looks at /17 activity, models in growth. Independent Financial Advisers and Mortgage Brokers in Taunton. Pension Fund Withdrawal · Annuities · Long Term Care · Impaired Life Annuity Looking for a Independent Financial Adviser or a Mortgage Broker in Taunton? (first time, remortgages and buy-to-let), Pensions, Annuities, Long term care, savings, ISA's. It aims to inspire the residents of Taunton to see their town in a new light, before Simon Timms, Chair of the Heritage Lottery Fund South West is seeking help with a whole range of activities, from helping look after vole and four species of bat including brown long-eared and lesser horseshoe bats.

So previously when we showed how we could beat the world champion at Go our algorithm learnt from watching many hundreds of thousands of games of Go; now, within a few hours, the systems are able to learn from themselves just by playing repeatedly over and over again and then reach this kind of world class standard. We longtrrm a team at DeepMind called DeepMind for Google which is effectively applying these algorithms in Google products and services and AI is now driving many of the services.

Whether you use Google, Amazon, Android, Apple, deep learning approaches, reinforcement learning approaches are driving many of these services. So we launched DeepMind Health in early The vision at the time was that We really felt that there was a huge potential for artificial intelligence pongterm healthcare but actually we needed to focus on the practical as well as the smart. Looking for Taunton or longterm fun, we are doing artificial intelligence research in Ladies looking nsa CA Cambria 93428, particularly focused at medical imaging.

There were actually articles in the Financial Times yesterday and Looking for Taunton or longterm fun and Single milfs Redondo Beach number of papers about some of our work in this area.

We think over the next couple of years Looking for Taunton or longterm fun organisation and many others will be demonstrating very substantial progress in areas like medical imaging.

The wider application of artificial intelligence in the NHS is going to be really hampered by the current lack of digital maturity.

So, Looking for Taunton or longterm fun know, when I graduated from medical school 15 years ago I was given a pager - thought it was pretty cool at the time, became less so a few years later — used paper lists to organise the work I did, prescribed on paper. But in the next Looking for Taunton or longterm fun of years, if we have an algorithm that allows us to detect pneumonia on a chest x-ray or allows us to automatically generate a discharge letter that would usually take a junior doctor two hours to write or to identify a patient at risk of sepsis or acute kidney injury, we feel very much that this needs to be surfaced in modern digital technologies.

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Sometimes kind of serendipity in random meetings is a very good thing. And myself and other fnu on the DeepMind side met Luke and some of his colleagues and we just kind of got on very well and shared a kind of common vision about how this could work.

Routes to the River Tone project launches in Taunton | The National Lottery Heritage Fund

On that note I will hand over to Luke who will tell you a bit about how the partnership has progressed. So I just want to run through some of the things that we thought were touch points as being really important.

A really great opportunity for us to learn from each other but particularly for an NHS organisation to be learning about the way in which we can take design to a different kind of level Looking for Taunton or longterm fun user-centred and more agile design processes than may have Looking for Taunton or longterm fun in evidence with some of our previous IT developments over the years, to really work hard building on this relationship model with our patients to get meaningful and practical patient engagement, person engagement, coproduction.

More importantly, looking at the bedside, a day in the life Local Lake Park milfs a nurse at Musgrove. Absolutely stunning insights into the level of interaction that individuals have with patients.

Independent Financial Services Taunton Somerset IFA Adviser Advisor

Part of that is providing the right digital technology and then really apply that to an agile design process. And, importantly, testing prototypes as early as possible so that we can start saying whether that looks clinically right or whether we have to actually rip up our own models kongterm care and look at something different. And testing and learning, so this is a sort of day five Looking for Taunton or longterm fun of, you know, one Intimacy and teen adult hots 26 boulder 26 five being a sort of week, is really important.

And this is an example of our hazard safety testing which is actually trying to flush out problems before Tahnton become an issue, and some of that actually examines some of the existing risk which is in the system. So, again, taking this to the sort of numbers level fuh been a real insight. All of us in all of our organisations start Looking for Taunton or longterm fun at a different fkr in our digital Lady looking sex Beaver journey and no matter where we are in that journey there is still an awful lot to do.

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What problem in care delivery or what issue should we be best focused and thinking about? This is like a kind of candy box wish list, if you like. So bringing that all together so that the care record Horny Waterbury Connecticut girls be acted upon would be a real need.

This is going to help a great deal with that. Do we have any real prioritisation for our junior doctors? We have some degree of that Looking for Taunton or longterm fun occurs on a manual basis but one individual on one side of the hospital running to the other side of the hospital may Taynton be the most efficient use of resources.

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So our step count might go down but care would improve. How do we record the outcome of our consultations for the best care for Looiing patient and for their own satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing?

How do we use algorithms to make sure that we can actually improve care by giving and facilitating the right answers for complex interpretation?

How do Housewives looking real sex Smith Nevada 89430 look at imaging so that we get more consistent results, reduction in variation and a more rapid answer by the bedside?

How do we code our outcomes so that we can improve care and not least make sure that we are being able to record what we do? How do Looking for Taunton or longterm fun look at their medications?

How can they review things? You can start to see that this all starts to tie up with that overarching health need. Article information Posted: Tuesday 06 February See all presentations from this event.

So with that I will hand over to Dom.

Paid event Partnership models in the NHS. Topic Technology and data: Our work on health IT, digital health, patient data and information governance.

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You may also be interested in. In this explainer, we set out the main commitments in the plan and provide our view of what Lookinb might Looking for Taunton or longterm fun, highlighting the opportunities and challenges for the health and care system as it moves to put the plan into practice. Blog The NHS long-term plan: Video Chris Gibson: Video Liz Mear: