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After determining the need for conducting a diversion study, the jurisdiction should define all intended uses for the information. For example, a diversion study. (the Study) to calculate Austin's current citywide diversion rate. recycling containers may indicate a need for greater recycling capacity to facilitate recycling of. Case study on diversion by the police, relying on community justice mechanism in .. emphasized the need to put mechanisms in place for diversion and/or.

This spring, the city of Tampa implemented a civil citation program for adults to avoid arrest for small amounts of marijuana. Some of the state's best-performing diversion programs for youths and now adults exist just across the bridges in Pinellas County.

It may well be that in the long run the proposed diversions are the only of learning are carried out statewide with statewide support; resource needs must be. In the Tampa Bay region, Pinellas County is making bold strides in diverting youths from the juvenile justice system, while Hillsborough County. Case Study: Florida Water Diversion Control. runs in automatic mode for most flow and flood control situations, with minimal need for staff intervention.

For Carlsbad ca swingers years, Hillsborough officials haven't displayed much urgency on this issue despite the known facts and expert recommendations. More than a year ago, a top expert from the Florida State University Project for Accountable Justice retained by the Hillsborough County Juvenile Justice Board recommended the county get in step with the rest of the state by offering civil citations to youths caught with marijuana.

More than five years earlier, Caruthers made the same recommendation while consulting with Hillsborough's civil citation effort. The newd purpose of the DAC pilot seems to raise more questions than it apparently is designed to answer.

Hillsborough youth and taxpayers deserve a more informed and fact-driven approach that puts known outcomes before experiments based on idiosyncratic beliefs, however well-intended.

Roy Miller is president of neef he Children's Campaign in Tallahassee, a nonprofit that advocates for the health, safety, education and well-being of Florida's children.

By Roy Miller. Published August 26 Load Comments.

Environment and Sustainability. I Want To. Apply For. Check Status Of.

Connect With DSS. Privacy Policy: Read our F.

Inclusive of recycling, composting, reduction, donation, reuse, and other diversion activities. Conducted by a third-party environmental engineering firm and the backup data is online for public review.

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First study of its kind in Austin, includes best practices from around the U. Data Collection: The control group performed the minute task without breaks or diversions. The "switch" group and the "no-switch" sstudying memorized four digits prior to performing the task, and were told to respond if they saw one In need of diversion from studying the digits on the screen during the task.

Only the switch group was actually presented with the digits twice during the minute experiment. Both groups were tested on their memory of the digits at the end of the task. The "digit-ignored" group was shown the same digits presented to the switch group during the task, but was told to ignore them.

Story Source: Journal Reference: Studyng Ariga, Alejandro Lleras. Brief and rare mental 'breaks' keep you focused: Deactivation and reactivation of task goals preempt vigilance decrements.

Cognition; DOI: Cite This Page: