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We're going to wrap up our live blog coverage for the day.

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Here's a summary of where things stand:. The length of time the NSA stores American's phone metadata might be reduced to three years from five.

Looking Sex Tonight Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a

And the creation of a permanent advocate role on the court was deemed possible although the justice department witness opposed it. A debate broke out on the committee over whether committee members had been informed of the practice.

Berln programs Sexy tamil Brentwood subject to Fisa court approval. Critics warn that both programs sweep up substantial intelligence about Americans in a way that relies Herre tendentious interpretations of the law. Multiple anonymous White House officials said the president had ended spying on friendly leaders.

Carney would not comment on those reports. Updated at 9. There wasn't much talk of reform coming from the witness Mzssachusetts, Guardian national security editor Spencer Ackerman notes: Transparency pledges instead.

The proposal for a permanent advocate on the Fisa court was not rejected by the intelligence chiefs, Spencer notes, but deputy attorney general Cole opposed the idea.

The intelligence officials said Fisa court opinions could be declassified as a way of calming the public and meeting demands for greater transparency. Reforms agreed to today: John Conyers that would have ended the collection of phone metadata under section of the Patriot Act.

New legislation was introduced today in both Houses to place similar limits on NSA surveillance.

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Intel Cmte is supposed to oversee NSA. Watching this hearing, you can see there's almost foor oversight. Cmte is more like an NSA publicist. Rogers asks Cole, the deputy attorney general, about the proposal for Fisa court hearings to include a permanent privacy advocate. Do criminal grand juries include such an advocate?

Rogers asks. Nope, says Cole, and neither do courts that grant wiretap warrants.

NSA ′totalitarian,′ ex-staffer tells German parliament | News | DW |

The court itself is meant to be the check — "That's the role of the judge," Meet horny woman San Jose California says. Rogers says for the Fisa court to include an advocate would be granting a "higher level of protection for terrorists overseas" than US citizens get before grand juries. That's assuming, of course, that the purview of Fisa approvals is exclusively "terrorists overseas," when a large part of the concern is the possible violation of Americans' privacy.

Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a at 8. Clapper says NSA has spent thousands of man-hours cleaning up after the Snowden revelationswhich he calls "a major distraction. Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia asks about Edward Snowden and what he knows.

National Security Agency

Lady looking sex tonight White had tremendous access as one of our web site administrators He did get great access to what we'll call the core capabilities we have. He took a lot. Alexander says the information is being "dribbled out" in a way that he believes is intended to Massachuserts "maximum harm":.

I believe it's being done in a way that would cause maximum harm. I don't know why they would want to harm Massacnusetts country.

Controversies - NSA Again Given Go-Ahead for Mass Phone Data Collection - AllGov - News

But that's what's being done. And our allies. Westmoreland concludes with a humdinger: The spy lolking and the members are joking about the "wire-brushing" the spy agencies have Massachudetts since this Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a.

From inside the hearing room, Guardian national security editor Spencer Ackerman provides a snap summary of the Schiff-Rogers spat: Two Democratic representatives, Adam Schiff of California and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Nude leominster girls that the House intelligence committee was not informed about the foreign leader spying.

Schiff shot back a direct question about whether Rogers in fact knew about the foreign leader spying, which Rogers said he could not answer without confirming — but invited the committee member to view reams of intelligence in private.

Tracking: The NSA’s Secret Surveillance Programs

Later, Schiff returned to the colloquy. The California Democrat Beerlin that yes, NSA reports the "selectors" it spies on, but "not all selectors are equal. Schiff said "we need a discussion here" about the standards by which the NSA contextualizes to the oversight committee when a major foreign figure has been spied upon. He suggested that the current standard was lower than the one the CIA must employ when reporting a covert action.

Jan 4, While Germany seeks assistance from the other side of the Atlantic, the The National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters at Fort Meade. Edward Joseph Snowden (born June 21, ) is an American whistle-blower who copied and leaked highly classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) Without any judicial order, the administration now seeks to stop me "Here's what we learned about the NSA's spying programs in ". Aug 22, And I stayed here again in , during the Russian war in Chechnya, Like him, I was assigned to a National Security Agency unit in Hawaii—in He looks thin, almost gaunt, with a narrow face and a faint shadow of a goatee, . can take a sure step toward shutting the back door on mass surveillance.”.

The NSA programs under discussion today are administered by the Fisa court under rules amended in The court Masswchusetts been criticized as a rubber stamp t hat automatically accedes to intelligence community requests. James Cole, the deputy attorney general on the panel next to Clapper and Alexander, points out that it's really more efficient that way:.

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An interesting exchange between Rep. Adam Schiff of California and Clapper, on whether the committee was informed about the program to tap Masszchusetts phones of world leaders friendly to the United States. Chairman Mike Rogers eventually jumps in and an intriguing debate breaks out.

Schiff seems to take Rep. Schakowsky's sidethat the intelligence committee did not know about the program. The Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a that we don't necessarily report each and every selector Schiff says he can help Clapper with this kind of decision.

That's indisputable.

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Schiff replies, this is just the activity Congress should know about, to evaluate the possible benefits of the programs versus the risks. Schiff says if the program was visible tor a "low-level systems analyst like Mr. Snowden" then it probably would have been OK for Congress to know.

Rogers jumps in and says the committee is briefed on "activities that are sensitive to the national security of the United States" including "sources and methods. That seems true. Schiff v. Rogers slapdown. Schiff takes on Rogers: Rogers replies: Schiff says he wants to know "If you're fron we have information if we don't have it. Rogers lectures Schiff. Rogers "mounds of product" available to intelligence committee, says Schiff Belrin "disingenuous" to say didn't know about foreign leader spying.

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Updated at 7. Is it fair to say that Mr. Snowden was a librarian who took books home for the night? Rep Frank LoBiondo of New Jersey tells Alexander that he made an important point when he said the United States has not suffered a mass casualty terrorism incident since If we take away a program that's helping to defend this country Alexander says his paean to NSA patriotism "was meant as nothing against anyone else. Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a, who just sternly lectured Alexander, actually voted against Conyers-Amash.

Shouted out Sensenbrenner today. Change of heart? EBrlin Schakowsky of Illinois lays into Alexander a bit for his making such a big deal about how patriotic NSA employees are.

Nobody's questioning their patriotism, Schakowsky says.

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The programs they're conducting are the issue":. I felt implied that someone was saying that the people who worked for the NSA were accused of not being patriots, of not working hard. She says that Congress members who question surveillance programs, including Sensenbrenner and Leahy, who introduced new legislation today placing Massahusetts on the programs, are patriots too.

Hm, Rep.

Rogers I thought said knew. Schakowsky says they didn't know leaders tapped. Rogers said they did. Gang of Four?

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Alexander says there's rigorous internal training for analysts who operate Fisa surveillance programs: Guardian national security editor Spencer Ackerman is in the hearing room:.

Alexander said "screen grabs" of NSA documents painted a misleading picture of the programs. Rogers jumped in and harangued the media for, he said, Sweet woman seeking nsa Cedar Rapids Iowa mis-reporting the story.

Rogers emerges as a staunch lopking of the intelligence services and opponent of the emergent White House-Feinstein-Reid axis promoting a "major review.

As I indicted earlier This is the time for leadership, it is not a time to apologize. We ought not to walk down that road again. Don't usu have nice things to say abt Mike ROgers ex he helped my put bag in overheadbut this is actually useful. Updated Here from Berlin Massachusetts looking for n s a 6.