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Fuck orleans ontario

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Our swinger group waiting for anybody who wants to swing. Guy shooting hoops m4m We saw each other when you Fuck orleans ontario playing basketball briefly. I'll never forget your birthday or an anniversary, despite having a tinge of forgetfulness. Pay to play m4w I'm seeking to have ontsrio fun with a nice girl tonight.

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I get it. And you know what?

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You want Doug Ford in office? Well, good luck with that, assholes!

All your whining and your judgement and your opinions about my haircut. You have no idea how much work I did for you. I gave you job growth.

I gave you a competent sexual education curriculum in the hopes that the next generation will be ontairo to competently operate their genitals. It was never enough for you.

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I just tried to make things better, but I see now that that was my mistake. You Fuck orleans ontario the moral high ground. You would rather live in a garbage fire of a province over your one dollar beers.

I fucking get it. Admit it.

You just want to teach me a lesson for trying too hard, and for making changes, Fuuck for being a woman. But you know what? Who cares?

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Not me. From now on, Kathleen Wynne is the premier of nobody but Kathleen Wynne.

I can finally, stop wearing these goddamn pantsuits. I can finally be a raging queer without worrying what Fuck orleans ontario the conservative in Sudbury thinks.

Screw you, Ted.

It was never about hydro prices, was it? You just hate the idea that I have sex with women.

Well I do, Ted. Lots of it.

Good Luck, Doug Ford. You won.

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You may think it will be different for you. Enjoy it while you can.

Enjoy it, sucker. For those that voted for me: World U.

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