THE ARMY presentationHe rides a road, that don’t have no end
An open highway, without any bends
Tramp and his stallion, alone in a dream
Proud in his colors, as the chromium gleams




5 thoughts on “AFB

  1. It happened in a split second. Left turn, traffic coming, mic pickup driver waves me across too late.
    The impact came a few hundred milliseconds after the sound of tires screeching. My passenger off the cars’ hood and me spinning in circles.
    Then the sky in my face. I hung on to my ride. On my back on the asphalt, alive! Not my time I guess.
    By the way, I would not be writing this without my boots, leathers and helmet. I am still riding to live and living to ride.
    Peace brother and sister two wheelers.

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  2. A recently made friend, Tom Moore has joined the everlasting asphalt road of the rider.
    He died riding his iron horse he loved! He rode with me just a few times, but his memory will forever be ingrained in my heart.
    Adios mi amigo! Vaya con dios.

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