THE ARMY presentationHe rides a road, that don’t have no end
An open highway, without any bends
Tramp and his stallion, alone in a dream
Proud in his colors, as the chromium gleams




5 thoughts on “AFB

  1. It happened in a split second. Left turn, traffic coming, mic pickup driver waves me across too late.
    The impact came a few hundred milliseconds after the sound of tires screeching. My passenger off the cars’ hood and me spinning in circles.
    Then the sky in my face. I hung on to my ride. On my back on the asphalt, alive! Not my time I guess.
    By the way, I would not be writing this without my boots, leathers and helmet. I am still riding to live and living to ride.
    Peace brother and sister two wheelers.

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    • Thank you for this breathtaking story Gucci, only those who have had a taste of death understand. Wish you a long and beautiful life on two wheels.


  2. A recently made friend, Tom Moore has joined the everlasting asphalt road of the rider.
    He died riding his iron horse he loved! He rode with me just a few times, but his memory will forever be ingrained in my heart.
    Adios mi amigo! Vaya con dios.

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    • I am deeply sorry for your loss, may his soul accompany you on your rides from now on and may he live forever on the wheels of those who are still alive. Fuerza compañero!


  3. Left Instagram, got hacked and had to close acct.
    Email is welcome
    Hasta luego ahora


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