…when adventure calls

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I guess we all have our own thoughts, beliefs, phobias and dreams in our heads. At the end of the day we are not so different. We all want same things really, but with a different wrap on it.

People out there want to be free, they want to live a plentiful life and they want to have fun while their beloved ones are well. Mastering that is an art, we not all of us are artists.

But we can all find what we want, as it is hidden out there, somewhere out there. I decided to seek the world on a motorcycle, and I am not the only one doing it like this. Finding your way is crucial.

Long roads, solitary skies, and a helmet in which nobody can hear you think. The rumble of the engine and that’s all.

See you on the road!


Everything motorcycle related is of my liking, but some stuff is clearly better than other. So I found this amazing documentary about Freestyle MX and I just loved it!

The freestyle motocross is a constant evolution story about a bunch of crazy guys -heroes- who decided to fly into the unknown, upside down, flipping, and having fun.

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