One life, I’m gonna live it up!

We all know why we ride motorcycles and why we want to live a life full of experiences and full of life… But shit happens

I don’t think motorcycles are dangerous vehicles by definition. I like to say that they are lethal in the event of an accident, but very safe when ridden properly

If you crash, you can get to know how much the reparations would cost, but how much would it cost to repair your body? We don’t want to end as skinny as the guy in the picture, even if we totally destroy our ride.

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The New Scrambler Vs The Infamous New Harleys

Harley manufacturers are now striking to one another with new models and moves that would overall make the market more interesting for riders. The more options, the best bike we are to choose

Extra Mile: Riding The Coast Line

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What’s an adventure on a motorcycle?

A lot has been said about adventure riding, and nowadays things are getting harder to understand. Have a look around and it may seem you need to spend a fortune on a BMW GS1200 in order to experience the adventure, but that’s not the only way…

Extra Mile: Hare Scrambler best of 2018

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The New MotoGP

The championship can be anything but ordinary this year. Four riders on top, a fifth getting closer, new chassis, text messages, never-ending tyre changes and irregular results anything can happen.

One day you’re on top, the next race you’re in the mud. This is a review of the current MotoGP situation through its top ranking riders in this moment.

Image result for motogp 2017

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