The Five Brands that Kickstart our Hearts!

Enthusiast sometimes just want to ride as many motorcycles as they possibly can, or they are devoted to a unique brand. Which kind are you?

It can be the brand you dreamt of when you were a kid or just the motorcycle you’ve learnt to love in adulthood.

We present five of the most beloved brands in the world, and as usual I could have included others, but I didn’t!

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Life with a Style

Motorcycles are a lifestyle, not because of the old cliché you find everywhere saying that. Hipsters and die hard wannabes claim that many times. It’s a sign of authenticity. However; motorcycles represent a lifestyle for those who were here before the hipster motorcycle scene, and for those who would stay long after that.

Nothing will ever change the fact we are dying on two wheels the same way vikings died on their drakkars. No need to add anything else to that fact. That’s who we are.

Stereotypes are something fun. I never quite fit into anyone really, but I am usually fitted into one way of another.

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