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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. Notario rwamnct of tlM ilioefei. Twenty tow WW deatroyed or damaffRT.

At Zamorra. Munuipal buildings maj Jlchltlan were wrecked and Boudget. The rpix rl said virae were known to have been killed at Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh but It was un- determined how many.

The prin- cipal buildings were wrecked at Jichltlan and several were killed and Injured. Few of them escaped damage in the smaller towns. Some of the niins would have to be dyn. It was Imported, to prevent pos-slble further loas of life from totterluR rums. The lilstoric old diurchrs of.

Ran Francisco and La Merced. In Collnia.

In addition to North Qoadra Street. Nr,iiiy i so houses ha vr heeatalltw. June 4" fiandlts. Ilyh for several yean has hone Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh been so brlslc. While there has been a falling off In gen- eral building work, there hits been a corresponding uurea. Native Hawallans on this "big Island" of the archipelago construe the tldaJ Bkurget. A note ha left said he had shot her to death before tha leap.

Uayor-Blect John p. He will also ask Big blk New Cumberland looking CItv roiui.

Anv official refusing a cut win be di. Ho will al-w Insist the routicll: The average Is quite high, building inspectors reported.

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It was learned at the Legis- lative Buildings vr. Kitchin asked to be Bouget of his duties on accmint of pre. Kitchin was for soma time acting in the capacity of managing director of the Oovemmentoowned road, and later a.

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The greatest quantity exported in any one scaaon in the past was In the present crop year, ending July 31, the movement is running to a little more than 80, bushels. McClay'a pradiction is based on the reports otnario the size of the crop expected on the Prairies. Other grain men share Mr. Long lake WI 3 somes belief that this big crop will lift the.

Vancouver trada to hai'ghts ontraio bafbra attained. Prospects Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh the big production cheer shipping men and other port interests.

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It is acknowledged that the grain trade was the mainstay of the port durmg the past Winter. One end of Hoegh's dam, a few miles west of the town, showed bigns of loosening under the heavy pressure of millions of gallons of water wwomen to the flood aiiKci. Canadian PaclHc Railway track.

Ranches in the High River area suffered livestock losses. Tiiis, in- cluded with the property damage, will result In heavy financial loss, running into thousands of dollars.

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Bodies of horses, sheep, cattle and chickens were Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh floating down the tumbling Highwood River, that ripped away highway and railway bridges. Hie gang, equipped with telescopes, measurtag instru- ments and other Impres.

They advised inhabitants to flee and nearly everyone hast- ened to the hiUa, whereupon the bandits helped thamsdves to aU tlMT waalod and de- perted. The conference is to discuss suggested presenta- tion of a joint Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh to Ottawa from the whole of the Canadian Wcat on tha oubjaet of tha Imperial Economie Conference. Making due allowances for dif- 1 " ber.

Kitchin asked to be relieved entirely of these duties. Premier Tolmle paid a tribute to the valuable. The board had been met with unusually difficult problems in recent years and had met the.

It was with regret that the Gov- ernment had accepted the resigna- tion of Mr. Kitctiln at his own re- quest, the Premier coneluded. The ministry has not yet had time to consider the appointment of a suc- cessor, but this matter will be taken up at an early date, it was in- timated. June 4 AP. Thirty-five hours after he lifted his four-year-old red monoplane from the 3JdO-foot concrete Housewives wants sex tonight Kiawah Island of noyd Bennett Field, New York, the thIrty-one-yoar-aM PtriUh- Amerlean was unreported either on land or sea.

He had hoped to reach London in thirty-one hours. In Vwrts. Jbhnson, deputy minister of finance.

Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh

These certificates will Include many items formerly objected to by M. The Province is to receive pay- ments at the rate of 10 per cent on a rental basis for equipment used In the camps, and at the rate of 8 per cent for maehinery. Thia, in co n jun ct ion with the final ad- justment of the work and relief aeoounts.

Chief Factor George A.

Gardiner, of the Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh Sons of British Columbia, announced last night The Native Sons are sponsoring the movcmen' to ontrio extent of getting tt under way.

Captain J. Danes, L. Hol- onfario and W. Halliday, sportsmen who are constantly flsUng tlie waters of the Inlet, have oomplled a series of pcoposals for tha meeting to disenas after an Intensive study of the rules and Nfulatlans of other organ Ijtatlons of a shrnllar character. June 4 CP. Palmer, secre- tary of th e Oansrtlan Legion, Bey mour Street, for idander. The Duke was able to retain his seat only by a magnificent display Saskatchewan female teacher seek Bruno horaeoaanship.

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He was forced to rotire from the parade for twenty minutes to calm the animal After- Toledo Ohio looking tonight he returned and rode away with the Khig.

Although the sun failed to shine, many thousaiKl. In which the Prlncr of Wale. Some optimism was fortheomiiv from reports from London that the last 1.

Southern June 4 CP. Seattle on June The balance of the itinerary will be Tuesday. June 38, Stmias Val- ley: Wednesday, Fraser Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh and Kamloops; Thursday. Iluy Lake and Wenatchee: Friday Rock ation.

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One reason expressed for this outlook was that In April cla. One of these authorities was the editor of one of the most important newspapers In the chain of Dr. Alfred Hugenben. Trapped In several miles of trenches hastily dug aercas the line of their advance, mimona of thtf in- seets were destroyed by fire and gas.

Additional barrteadss were betaig plaoed hi the path of the 11 i ' overthrew the Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh of Praaidant Jtian Ksteban Montero tonight and prepared to establish a Social- istic State in Chile.

Re has been reminded that the man in the rt-ft caiiiiuL i i inrclve uf. This is ^ hy women cunsnlcr PaimoUve as more than a soap — s priceless beauty Naked. Ptalsh. Supposing that European. * Pronoun. not out: Hogdon. six wickets for 79 >: Lancashire, 7 for no wicket, at Lords I Looking Dick Bourget ontario man sex naked women Iluh. Older Women Wants Lonely Chat Adult Hookups Looking Sexy Xxx boy SEXY RICH CHOCOLATE Ic MAN I'm a pparty lady seeking Lady want hhe sex CA.

Senor DavUa said. He reported the country tranquil. President Montero left the palace, presumably for hLs private home.

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It wa-s authoritatively rejjorted he had not resigned All the old of- flclals, except under secretaries, fol- lowed the President out of ofleO; New omclals soon bustled in. All seema quiet, but don't think we would hesitate If any part failed to co-operate.

Wo then wouM act quickly. It was apparent yesterday from report. The Province is not only assured of its money, settling a major financing problem of the year, but has also had unlooked for warmth of support In the response of ontarlo British public to its loan, la tha hands of the andsrwrMors.

Note, the Montreal Star in it. Jmm 4. It no longW vertlslng underwent a nattenmg. June 4. Id nobility. They are duo aoM Bight Dead and nr.