A long time ago, which seems like ages to me now, two young men decided to hit the road for their first long distance trip on a motorcycle. Their lives changed forever…

The two-wheel poison was already running through their veins, and through their hearts. The trip made them better riders, better persons, and even more liberty-sickened, if that is to be possible.

Time passed by, and things happened, and one of those men found certain death on the road he was riding. Quick, just an instant and a life is spilt forever. Forever lost.

Warrior, never surrender! and to continue riding became even more important for the remaining man. A way to worship his fellow rider forever. A way not to forget his deeds and dreams, and he understood that as long as one is riding, the other will still be alive.

And as years went by, he felt the need to hit the big road again, and so he did. Had he travelled not, he would have never found what the road taught him. He could feel somebody riding next to him, shoulder to shoulder… a light that lit the way.

For every warrior riding a motorcycle, there is a fallen biker taking care of, riding next to, sharing the roads of man, until the very day we all ride together in the roads of Valhalla.

Army Of The Fallen Bikers

Because there are only two types of bikers, those who have fallen, and those who will fall. But we’re not scared of the crash, we’re scared of being left without out bikes.15047999_1869609513258663_3696670655085805568_aMy name is Paco and I am a motorcycle enthusiast since I was a kid. I would like to make a difference with this blog and tell about my lifestyle and my trips on two wheels.

When I am not riding I am a full time language teacher, I teach Spanish in my own school in the Costa del Sol, and whenever I have the chance, I sit on the motorcycle and throttle away my problems.

Please feel free to browse this web, read the blog or whatever you want to, I hope you like my videos and other stuff I find on the web…


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See you on the road!




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