What’s an adventure on a motorcycle?

A lot has been said about adventure riding, and nowadays things are getting harder to understand. Have a look around and it may seem you need to spend a fortune on a BMW GS1200 in order to experience the adventure, but that’s not the only way…

Extra Mile: Hare Scrambler best of 2018

Real adventure is taking the least suitable bike and just ride away from your comfort zone… only for those who are Born To Be Wild

It was when I got lost, when I ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere or when I had to improvise a route when I actually had the greatest adventures.

If you have to spend twenty grand on a motorbike, another few grands on metal cases, GPS navigator, warm clothing, extra bike lights and pay a tour guide to take you somewhere, it is not really an adventure is it?

It was a few years ago when the motorcycle scene though the internet got into my life. I’ve been a biker since I was a kid, and I mostly got the inspiration from magazines, friends and riding experiences, until I realized on the web there were people making their own blogs and doing whatever shit they found useful. The picture above belongs to the Attack Chopper blog, which was a great source of inspiration and one I truly miss.

It’s not that I followed their steps one by one, and I sometimes disagreed with some statements there, of course. It is the fact that they were against the current doing what they thought was right, and so that suddenly got me hooked.

I soon started making my own blogs, until I ended up posting in AFB and creating my own motorcycle apparel universe with MotoBoar. I started living the motorcycle world my own way.

My adventures are in a way similar to those who do not follow the rules or the old clichès, and therefore I hope you allow me to introduce our first event which pretends to be a yearly adventure if everything goes well, which I know it will. You’d better join us now so you can tell you came to the very first #motobivouac2018

The Moto Bivouac is going to be something like that. It is a simple and humbling experience with a group of friends who are simply going to enjoy nature and their motorcycles.

Camping in some areas is restricted, but it is free to sleep on the ground as far as I know, so we can bivouac in the middle of the natural park and have fun.

The main reason for this is to show there are different ways of doing things, and we want to get the true badass old school way. However; that’s my personal philosophy, other riders attending the event feel it their own way. Our fellow organisers On Off Road Adventure would on the other hand take things from a very different perspective, but who cares? we’re all linked by the love to motorcycling.

See you on the road!


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