F*CK internet Gurus to make you rich living the high life doing what you enjoy…

Hey guys, have you noticed there are now thousands of people who are willing to make you rich doing whatever you enjoy doing the most and in such an easy way?

Extra Mile: Thunderbike Jokerfest 2017

Absolutely nobody can cover Led Zeppelin better than Beth Hart… enjoy le acoustique session!

It all starts with a big smile… and a businessman who’s not wearing a suit or a tie showing you the face of success. Internet gurus are now growing like week in the online world, and I know them well as I have digesting their crap for the last five years probably.

What’s success anyway? it all depends on each and everyone of us. However; they’re suggesting free time and money to spend during that free time while your wealth is automatically being created and saved. Sounds good right?

I would love to see their bank accounts and see if they match their praying and brainwashing!

If you’ve been reading this blog -which I don’t recommend, you’d better use that time riding your motorcycle instead- you’d know I am what it can be called an online entrepreneur, and I have spent quite a while so far working my own dream career.

I am a language teacher who struggles to find free time for riding my motorcycle, which is the very best thing I can do in this world together with sex, eating, sleeping and shitting. It is perfectly normal to dream on making your lifestyle your working life too. But it takes dedication, time, effort and guts.

Winning the lottery!

It’d be fantastic if we won the lottery, or else our little internet blog turned to be read my millions and Harley Davidson pays you a million dollar weekly for a banner, that your online shop became bigger that Amazon while you’re sunbathing and that you wake up in the morning next to a movie star.

But let’s be realistic, it’s not that simple. If I want to do that I will only be able to achieve that by working very hard in most cases, and even though there’s no clear route nor any shortcut you can apply to everyone.

Living is a way of life, is not a destination

I would love to live my life riding my motorcycle around the world, and not to worry about anything else, especially money, but maybe life could be boring then.

Trying to make myself a space in the difficult textile business means nothing, and not only because of the necessary cash, but because that’s not who I am. If I am doing this is mainly because I feel I gotta do it. There’s a gut feeling telling me to get there.

As when riding a blind curve, you don’t know where you’re heading and you can’t see the way out, but you speed up and enjoy, you know you’ll worry about the obstacles when they appear.

Fuck SEO, fuck content marketing, shitty conference on the internet and fuck it all! Let’s do this because we love riding. Let’s try to do whatever we love.

Don’t Coach me!

Let’s just ride this road together, let’s just enjoy doing what we truly love and let’s try to make a difference, that’s it. The most visited internet websites are porn site which do not spend too much time doing ‘nerdy internet stuff’ to get visitors.

You cannot try to reach a wider audience doing what celebrity instagrammers tell you to do, because if they’re telling you it is probably too late to use it and be unique, there’ll be some other few thousand people doing it at the same moment.

Don’t try to show you’re permanently on holiday if you are uploading your Bali holiday pics two years later from the office next to a pile of junk.

Please, don’t show my your abs… you do not know how much effort has been taken to get my huge beer belly!

See you on the road!


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