If you can’t beat them, join them!

Difficult times for Ducati when on the race tracks his star racer hasn’t been winning for a while…

Extra Mile: Woodman Protective

Restless Gypsy, travelling around the world on a motorcycle…

I am not posting much about MotoGP this season, but Jorge Lorenzo’s quest is proving way harder than expected and I guess I need to say something. He seems to be taking control of the bike now, however, it’s difficult to say whether the Majorcan rider will keep on winning races or not…

Ducati’s mistake?

I believe Jorge Lorenzo is nearly ready to perform what Ducati hired him for, winning a world championship on a Ducati. But fate has played a weird role here. His adaptation to the Ducati was probably better than Valentino Rossi’s, but time matters.

Ducati’s deadline was this year, and there’s no surprise in that as they want to save money for their star rider Dovizioso, the one winning and with options to get a world title.

Jorge, having the biggest MotoGP contract ever is not fulfilling the expectation of giving the italians another world title after Stoner’s. But I think he’d need some more time on the bike, some more adaptation.

The bike’s a blast, incredibly quick and reliable, but it lacks one of Jorge’s most important features, pace in the middle of the corner. As Stoner declared, it is the rider who has to adapt to the machine, not the other way round. Once Jorge was making it a bit better is now time to leave.



It has been a great turmoil in Honda, as Dani Pedrosa’s time is about to be over. He was the perfect sidekick for Marquez. Not threatening, able to tell the mechanics what changes to be done on the motorcycle which will benefit both team riders, and incredibly professional.

But I have always thought he was a little too bland for MotoGP, I think he deserves a a world championship, but I don’t really think he’s going to make it after all. The question now is who would take over and complete Honda’s box?

They’ve thought of Lorenzo before, despite Marquez’s reluctance as having your worst enemy inside your box is somehow hard… but the gossip in the paddock is exactly that the 99 rider is now joining Honda main team.

Lorenzo and Marquez fighting each other in the same team? This is why I love this sport so much, you never know which is the next surprise, we’ll keep tuned.

See you on the road


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