Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hey guys, we gotta do something, it’s not normal to go out for an amazing ride at the end of April beginning of May and get freezing cold temperatures, rain, hail and the bloody wind… so as you can imagine it was a lovely ride!

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Extra Mile: Chris Palermo off road

I might be getting old, but I can still make some noise and party around for an entire weekend. Three days non stop, brutal beer consumption and smoking more than an old Harley Davidson burning oil.

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But like old dudes I have to complain a bit, and this time it was the weather. Freezing cold temperatures during the shows, and freezing cold temperatures during the ride. It’s been wonderful and challenging.

I guess rock and roll way of life must involve abrupt weather changes and being tough and not fleeing away for a few rain drops, but it gets more uncomfortable. Adventurous way of life makes you get wet sometimes.

I’ve always loved people’s look at me when I’m riding in the rain. It feels like something is going wrong for them. Nobody really likes riding under the rain in a sunny country like this one, but it does rain eventually -quite often up north- and we sometimes have to.

Cold was the hardest part really, it was so bloody intense that I couldn’t even move my fingers and I had to ride with the rain suit over my leathers and kevlar jeans so I could more or less feel comfy.

Generation change

Many concerts and festivals I attend are frequently full of bikers, but not this last one especifically, as I could observe I was the only one I think. The fact is that it’s an entire new generation of people getting there.

Not something that really puzzled me too much, I’d been going there for years and I used to be their age when I first got there, but where are the people my age? There weren’t too many, but it was very good anyway. Getting in touch with younger generations is always funny!

Coming back after such a hard weekend wasn’t too easy. Still windy and rainy and not that I was wearing too much winter clothing anyway, but happy as hell to have been able to get a great Spring ride.

See you on the road!


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