Timeless Riding

Imagine all the people, riding motorcycles in peace


Extra Mile: Bad Girls Club – Bad Reputation

I just wanna be somebody too

If there’s something a biker does not need is a watch, as riding is an emotional activity and we have to do as we please.

Modern day riders running the rat race are something different. Unfortunately that’s what most of us are. Rushing to the office, going back to supermarket, meetings, bank appointment and another payment so your dentist can buy a Porsche.

And I cannot think of a worse ride than that in which you are willing to arrive. If that’s the case a motorcycle is just a transport, and not a way of dreaming and living.

We must be transported sometimes, but doing it on a motorcycle makes you have the feeling that you are in control of your life. Getting to a business meeting on a motorcycle and hanging the helmet in the meeting room would actually put you in the spotlight. But you are at work too, and so are they.


When I’ve felt the happiest has always been in the same situations though, I upload all the pack stuff I can find, I get on the bike without a clear destination, and knowing that I don’t have to come back at any time.

That’s actually when I would normally slow down the pace, have fun, observe the rest of commuters with their errands and worries, just exactly like me when I’m not flowing a timeless ride.

Landscapes pass by, you stop somewhere and the look is not different, it’s not like in business meetings where you are the tough CEO, it’s like you’re now a free animal running away from the world they’re immersed and makes them so stressed.

So am I when the time comes, but other times we can simply ride, and that’s the most wonderful thing to do.

Getting lost in the sunsets, and arriving to unknown places with the strange look of the locals. Pura Vida!

See you on the road!


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