Predicting the Future

I am to forecast something about the motorcycle industry… will I be right?

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Extra Mile: Filles à Motos

A futuristic song to predict the future, I bet you didn’t know this cover right?

When brands elaborate their new models, they would normally think of the market first, and see how they can handle a niche. Then they will take a pre existing model so they can base their new bike on it.

Some bikes are completely brand new, and that’s when the company is betting all in just to take the market by surprise, or get ignored forever, as it has happened to many lost models.

Some former predictions

I once told my friends I didn’t know why Triumph was not making a bigger engine for the Bonneville, something around 1000cc. I was wrong, it was a 1200 in the end. Probably because of the BMW R nine T, one of its biggest rivals.

I once said there should be a Scrambler able to perform, and there came the Desert Sled, and furthermore, I also wondered why wasn’t Triumph making something like that. I really find the new Street Scrambler a bit too small… and voilà!

031518-spy-photos-2018-Triumph Scrambler 1200 005 showed us the spy shots of the Triumph 1200 performance Scrambler. And having said all that… here comes my prediction, which for once it’s going to be told beforehand.

BMW will launch a power cruiser

Or so I think. The market is now in a different mood, and believe it or not the current trend of hipster motorcycles will have to come to an end. Triumph has been leading the market and all the rest are making their own copycats.

So I believe BMW is not happy at all following other brands’ direction. The fact here is that Triumph is not moving cruisers out of the market. The Thunderbird family and the
Rocket III are no longer available in Europe and I believe it is the way to go.

But Ducati issued a power cruiser which meets no rival at this moment. Nor Indian or Harley can really go against The X-Diavel in any way. Maybe the V-Max.

Therefore I truly believe that after the Yamaha Bolt there’s not a real competence to American cruisers, and I believe BMW will return to the cruiser world…

If this happens to be true, I will remind you with this post, if it doesn’t… well nothing happens then right?

See you on the road!

Filles à Motos


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