Left Side Story

Many of us hadn’t heard from Alan Kempster before, I admit I had watched the video, but I had forgotten about him and his amazing story. It is that when someone dies we get to know their stories, at least for a while

Extra Mile: Adventure Bike TV, The Africa Twin

Some people are born an engel

I’ve met people who’d claim they would ride for the rest of their lives, and crashing the bike made them rethink that and not ride again. One has the right to be afraid, of course.

But I’ve also met people who never gave up despite accidents, losing love ones or whatever shit crossed their ways. Non-riders would only have a vague idea about what it takes to go back on a motorcycle after an accident.

But as we learnt from the video, Alan didn’t surrender at any point. He just wanted to ride, and so he did. That proves there’s nothing more powerful than human will. If you want it, fight for it.

An Oath

I believe I must have been caught swearing I will never get off a motorcycle for the rest of my life… which is something I might not be able to fulfil. The whole world can come to an end right before that.

However; my compromise is not as powerful, but one I can handle, I guess. What I learnt from Mr Kempster is to hold on to my dreams and go for them no matter what, who, how or when.

So as long as I am alive and fit enough, and wars, shit or something bigger than will comes my way -say death for example- I’ll do my very best to keep riding bikes and keep having fun.

I had to attend three close friends’ funerals before I turned 30, peers, brothers, three of them bikers, three of them found certain death on the road. That’s hard. I solemnly swear I’d keep riding for them, and so far I’ve managed to.

My mum doesn’t understand

I’m a teacher in my free time, full time rider. When it comes to explaining things to people who wouldn’t understand, or I think they wouldn’t understand, I’d basically think of children or my mum.

My mum is a very smart woman who didn’t have the opportunity to get a formal education, so explaining some concepts to her can sometimes be challenging. We all know kids are incredibly smart, but they lack experience and formal knowledge.

So in order to explain why riders need to ride, I’ll tell them it’s like birds need to fly, like fish need to swim or like rock needs guitars. It’s dualism.

See you on the road!

Adventure Bike TV, The Africa Twin


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