Rossi and Marquez, Marquez and Rossi

Not again please, not again…








Extra Mile: Days of Thunder 2017

Is it that difficult really?

If there was something that really made me proud of MotoGP was that despite the rivalry between riders on the track, things settled nicely once they were in the press conference, but the situation between Rossi and Marquez is literally going south…

Termas de Río Hondo GP, Argentina, April 2018

Riders, organisation and track looked reluctant, as we all expect from a professional event, but the race happened to get a bit wrong from the very beginning.

Marc Marquez, you’ve been the greatest of rookies, but in order to be the greatest of riders you should change that attitude boy

Marquez made a mistake, killing the engine at the grid, starting it once again in the  middle of the starting grid, and riding backwards (on the engine, not pushing the bike) in the track, so he got a ride through.

After that it was nonsense. He literally had higher pace than anyone else and was willing to win the race no matter how, and so he started riding aggressively. What could have been a great race became a slaughter in which Marquez was taking things too far.

He hit Espargaro in a really bad action, for which Race Direction forced him to lose a position, second penalty of the day. Not intended, I know, but dirty.

And he then hit the star of the MotoGP, he hit and made the Big Man fall, and then things really started to go wrong.

Valentino Rossi you are God, but you are also human mate

I know Valentino is the best rider in history, and deep respect, but his declarations were way too far. I believe he’s right in being angry, but…

Valentino you’re no saint, nor have never been. That’s the main reason why I have always enjoyed watching you, and I know you’re still playing this game. You are the boss when it comes to criticizing your rivals on the press, and it works for you. You probably left poor little Marquez crying at night in the motorhome… you got what you wanted.

Uccio should have never represented you and he should have never intervened at all. It’s fine if you didn’t want to let Marquez come into your box, but I believe Lin Jarvis and Alberto Puig should have spoken there. It’s okay to leave things to the professionals, but Uccio is not a professional and he’s there simply because you want him there, which is fine, but he’s not a bodyguard.

And after all this… I don’t want to see hooligans in this beautiful sport, and I don’t want to see more shit going on the tracks. Please guys ride safely and respect everybody in and out of the tracks, as I said before.

Children watch you and admire you. Please no more crap.


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