Spring is here already, riding season has started…

Extra Mile: Mallorca Bike Week

Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorbike

Wow! it felt like ages since I was last riding and camping! But that’s exactly what I did last weekend, heading to a motocross competition in which my sponsored rider was participating, something that meant a lot to me really.

Winter weather, obligations, a wrist strain and stress put me off the motorcycle for a while. Not that I didn’t ride at all, but that I didn’t ride as much as it should be for a enthusiast.

So I was bike-sick, missing my iron horse and the total freedom of the road. Good news is I made some shootings for future videos, bad news was the frigid temperatures I suffered.

Believe it or not sunny Spain gets quite cold at night, especially if you’re sleeping in a tent in the middle of a field and your sleeping bag is as cheap and bad as mine.

But the chance to camp in the paddock and be a member of a team is something simply fantastic. Motorcycles are taken another way for me, so cool.

See you on the road!

Mallorca Bike Week 2016


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