Riding the highways of Heaven

We live a borrowed time… so said Lemmy, and despite the fact we all know this, things cannot get more realistic than when the losing time comes…


Extra Mile: Wheelie on Ice

Nobody understood life and death better than mr cash. a life full of tragedy, passion and success in same proportions. happiness is never free. rock and roll is never happy in the end

One of the greatest things you get from riding motorcycles is the people you meet on the way. Just some time after I started riding I decided to join a group and there I had the chance to meet lots of guys really.

However; you don’t get attached to everyone, but only a few with whom you really have things in common. Then you forget about everything and that person simply becomes a part of your life.

Shit Happens

I’ve always been a very inefficient philosopher, I guess I am inefficient in most things I do, but accepting life challenges have never been my thing really. I never quite understood why things had to happen, which didn’t matter as they happened anyway.

Been too many times in funerals, good people, young people who left us too early. I could somehow understand the reasons why. Speeding on motorbikes has never been to wise, and shit happens.

What I cannot really grasp is why a healthy young man is suddenly taken away by death, leaving wife and teenage daughter. Hard to digest.

Things yet to do

I already knew my friend was full of life and that he really had many plans coming his way, but all of that came to nothing when a stroke literally killed his brain, his consciousness, his life.

Artificial respiratory system kept him alive a bit longer, but nothing could be done. I can’t get his wife or his brother out of my head when they were telling me he was up to coming to my town and spend a whole day riding bikes with me. It breaks my heart.

Life’s A Bitch

We all have plans in our heads, but do they become real or you simply forget them as times goes by? Are you enjoying your life? Because we only have one shot here. Use it or not, death will always find us.

So that’s the reason why I would like my life to be plenty, to do the things I want to do and not keep postponing plans until it’s too late. I want to learn something from cemeteries, something  like the ones who are lucky enough to still be here have the opportunity, the obligation to live a life full of colours.

Highways of Heaven

And I don’t know whether there’s a hell or a heaven, I don’t know if there’s something else and that’s why I believe we gotta die with our boots on.

If there’s a heaven, my friends will be there waiting for me with their bikes riding the Highways of Heaven.

We shall meet again brother, we shall ride those rodes, we shall stop at bars and drink beer, we shall race each other again, and we shall spend more time together… and we shan’t give a fuck about anything else than happiness.

But so far I’m still here, at work, stressed, my motorbike is parked, money is the ruling force of my existence while I am not aware the real material from which life is done is time. Don’t waste it, it makes you wiser, but it also kills you.

See you on the roads!


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