Motorcycles are Heavy Metal

The best industrial revolution device for us is the motorbike, that’s for sure. The Heavy Metal industry.

AFB wants to give tribute to those who made us dream of motorbikes before we were even of age to join the driving school.

Heavy Metal on two wheels!

Image result for heavy metal motorbike

Extra Mile: Scrambler 1100

Rock and Heavy music have always been attracted by the never ending rebellious attitude of riding a motorbike. Now that Iron Maiden has announced a surprising set list for their new world tour I think it’s worth reminding them about this wonderful piece of metal music quite forgotten.

In the early 90’s a total revolution came to the screens, Terminator 2, and Harley Davidson decided it was a great moment to launch their flagship the Fat Boy, which looks amazing when ridden by Schwarzenegger.

The whole things was incredibly threatening as Japanese bikes were eating a whole piece of their own market niche in USA which cheaper cruiser bikes. So Harley attacked back releasing a Fat Boy, which was also the nickname of the Hiroshima bomb.

Peace to everyone, peace and rock and roll from Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Heavy Metal wouldn’t exist nowadays without Judas Priest, and here comes the Turbo Lover! Great motorcycle races in this video to what it now looks too 80’s probably, but imagine the impact back then.

Motorcycles were designed for wild children, and here’s a wild child coming to you right now! W.A.S.P. (We Are Sexual Pervertive).

…and talking about wild kids… Mötley Crüe, can anyone be more badass than this? I don’t think so.

It was back in the 1969 when Steppenwolf would write the main theme song for alternative movie Easy Rider, since then nothing was ever the same. Motorcycles became popular among the badass and rebellious fellas, but it was also a new breath of fresh air after 1% movie the Wild One, as these guys were more philosophers than anything else.

The world needed something like it, and the change was so radical that the expression used in one of the verses, ‘Heavy Metal Thunder’ was to remain and to describe the most wonderful music style ever.

Keep on rocking guys! See you on the road!

So… what would happen if we increase the Scrambler up to eleven hundred?


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