What’s a photo anyway?

Hondas are better than Suzukis, Triumphs are worse than Harleys, I am faster than you are… all rubbish or real facts?

Extra Mile: Girls Who Moto

Simply COB

A fact is the evidence we can scientifically prove. Bikers love facts, but we do not scientifically prove anything at all. We simply argue in cafes that we’re faster, better and prettier!

When it comes to the way we see ourselves we tend to exaggerate a little bit sometimes. That doesn’t mean we’re lairs, but that we have a high opinion on our skills. This does not count on beginners anyway.

Hit a quite harsh storm in Spain, it’s been around three weeks without a proper ride. I’ve come around the corner for errands, but I haven’t meandered on the twisty roads. But a picture can easily trigger my imagination.

The landscape behind my bike, me sitting on the pavement delaying the horrific moment in which I have to lock my beast in its cage -garage- for another working week. The Sunday night syndrome when I remembered the miles and feel I needed some more, wearing pajamas already.

I have suddenly got struck by memories, some of the people I’ve ridden with are no longer here, and I can still take a joy ride to the sunset like we used to. Merry memories on a saddle of times that won’t ever come back. But there’s so much yet to happen!

It’s just a photograph, another boring bike on my Instagram account many would say, but a way to feel old rides once again. That’s pretty good for a Sunday without a ride. Spring is coming and that will soon change.

I feel like I’ve been out of the bike for far too long, and that’s going to change real soon. I’ll be back on the long rides as soon as the rain goes away.

See you on the road!

Girls Who Moto


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