The typical day for many… the long haul for me

Most riders I know would buy a huge engine bike to go around the corner very fast, and then go back home… which is fine if I don’t have much free time. But motorbikes for me is the long haul

Extra Mile: The Black Sheep

Can you think of a color? If the answer was pink, you really like Aerosmith!

The typical day ride for many fellow bikers is basically cornering, at least many ones I know.

The glorious road from San Pedro to Ronda is magnificent, a wonderful path full of great corners and where many brothers and sisters have unfortunately lost their lives. It’s full of motorcycles on any Sunday, and the vibes are amazing.

Going there is a must for me, I nearly always ride that road when I start my route or when I return back home. At least once a week. It is the gate to the great mountain ranges where roads are less crowded, there’s fewer police officers catching speeding machines and it’s just further away.

But for many, going up and down is all they need. As if the adrenaline just triggered cornering like a maniac on that road. That’s probably why we have so many accidents, because people think that’s a race track.

Get a big bike, and never go far

So when we speak in a café, there’s one incredibly good there, most of them are surprised that my Triumph has 77,000 kms more or less after five years of riding it. I always excuse myself telling them I’ve been quite busy in these five years… that it should be much more.

However; they’re impressed as they would normally make around 3,000 kms a year, which would be a torture for me if I had to ride that little.

I guess we face motorcycling in a very different way, and I have more free time than them probably -something I honestly doubt. It’s all about the way you ride.

Speed freaks won’t stay on their bikes for too long, but they ride fast and hard. The long haul riders would take it slower, cruising along the roads, so it’s not so tiring and you can stay longer on two wheels.

How do you like it?

If you thought a small bike like a Rebel 250 cannot be the base of a great custom bike… you were wrong

See you on the road!


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