Wreck Motorcycle

In any corner of the world, inside the dirtiest garages or rotting away surrounded by junk one can find a motorcycle

Extra Mile: The Desert Sled… Ducati’s funniest bike!

Some people get old, others improve, just like wine. none of that has anything to do with mr johnny cash, he was simply born a legend and I hope he’s just having a bourbon somewhere and that his cavernous voice never dies, as he makes us better people

Travelling is the thing, I mean, we can never feel better than discovering this wide world, same thing we did when we were kids. Curiosity driven individuals must move around somehow.

A heavy metal shirt or a beer at the counter without company are great ways to let others open their hearts and start a conversation.

Motorcycle Ice Breaker

But if you find a rider, you’ll surely start speaking soon. There’s a certain look in the eyes, a certain passion, the addiction for freedom projected out of our soul… bikers are always conversant when among peers.

And where a biker has lived, a biker has left a print, that’s for sure

It could be some abandoned wreck bike, some parts, helmets, leathers… whatever you can find. Rusty metal parts and lots of stories… and new friends, and new project to restore and make them a great custom bike.

See you on the road!

Is this the funniest Ducati bike ever?


2 thoughts on “Wreck Motorcycle

  1. The only Ducs I see around here are the road monsters. But after watching that video I’d love to have one of these desert sleds. It seems like a more trim version of the BMW Dakar, which is a popular bike with on/off roaders here (who have enough money…otherwise you get the Kawi KLR560). That seat height though – that’s tall!

    I like that guy’s review. Thanks for posting it!


    • I’ve ridden the desert sled and it’s a blast, the funniest bike I’ve ever ridden. I was going to buy it actually until I decided to invest my money in a business… if everything goes well I’ll have enough money to buy a few Ducs, if it doesn’t… I will still have my Triumph anyway!

      Thanks for your comment! See you on the road!


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