Encrusted Heart

It’s been a long time, time that seems like ages to me. Lots of adventures, lots of highs and downs… scars in the soul. But there’s always a place I can call home; the open road.

Extra Mile: Jupiter Travels’ Ted Simon Under the Visor

My heart ended up encrusted by the daily shit we’re to digest no matter how, no matter where, no matter when.

I am one of those individuals who constantly struggled in some areas, while others just seemed to go well. I guess I’m not any special on that.

Battles are fought by those with the courage to believe, and I’ve always been a believer. Despite my late start on some aspects of life, and despite my way too early start in others.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt is to find a solitary ground to stand alone and get lost in my own thoughts. Sometimes, we are our best doctors.

And luckily I found a way of life that can make my heart lighter anytime, anywhere, any moment. Jump on the saddle and just ride…

See you on the road!

If there’s a single man in the world who can inspire normal riders to take great chances and live wonderful adventures, that’s undoubtedly Ted Simon, the first around the world tour on a motorcycle man


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