I am not a criminal. I’m not an outlaw. I’m no pimp. I’m no pussy. I’m no bitch. I’m just a biker. Don’t presume what I am if you don’t know me.

Extra Mile: Harleys in the Hill. Off road Harley Davidson motocross

Wheels of fire! We live to ride!

Outlaw MCs, gangs, bikers…

If there’s something that puts people off the MCs, gangs or any other group is too much compromise needed, or boredom, but unlike many people say, it’s not being thrown out or killed or kidnapped…

A series like Sons of Anarchy is a great show, and there might be some MCs with similar hobbies such as selling weapons or killing people and all that kind of stuff.

And that’s the stereotype we bikers face on daily basis, and needless say it is not fair. Anyone can decide what to do with his or her life, and that’s fine with me. However; the fact that some people do it doesn’t mean everyone else is.

Opening an Italian Restaurant doesn’t make you Tony Soprano right?


People who ride motorcycles are mostly hardworking individuals who literally break their asses working eight hours a day, five or six days a week in order to be able get a loan.

With that loan and the bloody interest of the bank you buy a motorcycle you will pay in the next five years. You also have to save for insurance, apparel, gas, speed tickets and a few non-alcoholic beers on the way.

Every six or seven months a biker must pay for bikes to get serviced, new tyres etc. and not to mention if you want to ride something unique like a chopper or a café racer.

If you have an accident and need new parts… that’s going to be expensive too.

And on top of all that comes mortgage, children, taxes, shopping, engagement ring and expensive dress on the shop.

So if after all the previous shit you still ride a motorcycle, you are a real biker!

Bikers are those who love riding, not necessarily anything else.

See you on the road!

If you didn’t believe Harleys can be taken off road it’s because you know nothing about Rusty Butcher and their crew.


12 thoughts on “Stereotypes

    • They presume who you are, and they’re even used to show off pretending who you are… not very true in either case.

      Thank you for your comment Ellen!

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  1. Lol. You tell ’em!

    My dad was a research hematologist, a Jesuit, and a married father of five. He was also a Harley rider, then a Norton rider, then turned to dirt riding and became a multi-time regional enduro and trials champ, with a factory ride from Bultaco. Now he’s retired, but still zips around the country on his tricked out Suzuki Bandit.

    So…I may be a no-good dirtbag biker, married to a dirtbag biker wife (2-time New England women’s class trials champ!), but my dad isn’t!


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    • Your dad really has a good taste when choosing his motorcycles! We can be many things in life, despite our likes or dislikes, but the problem is many think of us as single minded group of people.
      Thanks for the comment!

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      • Hey AFB, you might get a kick out of this. My wife gave me a new Beta on the morning of our wedding, and we got married on our trials bikes in the woods around our house. She rode her GasGas JTR-270 (she loved Jordi Tarres) to the altar, I rode my new bike. I posted a pic of it last year:

        (Don’t read the story. Just scroll down to the two pictures.)

        Ride on 🙂


      • Amazing story guys!

        I am not into marriage actually, nor is my girlfriend, but I’ve always thought a biker wedding would be the only option in case I ever got married.
        You look amazing in the pictures, it must have been a great celebration and most importantly you were riding Spanish bikes, and as a Spaniard that makes me very proud.

        Lovely story everyone must read until the end, it’s inspiring, thank you for sharing it.

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      • Wow, thank you for the kind words! I’m so glad you liked my little story.

        I certainly understand not wanting to get married. When my wife and I first got together that was never our intention either. But…women! It’s apparently their prerogative to change their minds 🙂

        I love Spain, and think it’s one of the great under-appreciated Western cultures. Both Spain and Portugal, actually. You’re lucky to live there.

        BTW, my dad still has his two Bultaco Sherpa-T’s and a gorgeous fully restored Bultaco Metralla. When he was racing, he also kept up a written correspondence with Senor F.X. Bulto, who was a very nice gentleman.



      • Oh – I just want to clarify. My wife has two Spanish bikes, that GasGas JTR-270 and a newer Pro-200. The Beta she gave me is Italian. Sorry! 😉


      • So cool! You don’t know how much I love Spanish bikes, the Montesas and Bultacos were the bikes of my dreams when I was a kid and I saw men riding them (no women used to ride in Spain back then) and I guess that’s the reason why I was born a motorcycle freak. My mum used to be my dad’s pillion on his old Montesa when she was pregnant, the vibration and the freedom dose of the bike came to me while still in the womb and never changed!

        I wish my dad had kept those old motorcycles, he has never been attached to any materialistic object and has sold them all… a pity as I am now searching for good vintage Spanish bikes to buy.

        Let me know if you’re ver in Spain and we can ride around, we can even get to Portugal it’s not far.

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      • Haha! You were riding before you were born – what a great story! Yeah, it’s a shame that your dad didn’t hold onto any of that old iron. There’s a real charm to the older bikes, and if they’re kept up well they still are a blast to ride. I *almost* purchased a 1970’s Ossa MAR a few years ago, but the deal fell through. I always liked that bike, almost as much as the Bultacos I raced as a kid.

        I’m SO glad more women ride now. My kid sister is a very good rider, and since she lives near my dad they often go out riding together. And since we’re on the subject of Spain, you can be very proud that probably the best female rider in the world is from there: Laia Sanz! She’s AMAZING!

        And yes – if I am ever lucky enough to go to Spain, I will definitely let you know. I’d love to see your beautiful country from the saddle someday 🙂


      • What do you mean probably?? Laia Sanz is the best female rider in the world!!!!! hehehehe I’m a great fan and I can’t wait to see her interviews and videos on the internet, and remember my words, she will become the first woman in history to win a Dakar. She’s already the best positioned lady in Dakar rally history. We need women riding bikes, it’s way more fun!


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