This corner of the world

How many motorcycle paradyse do you know or have your heard of?

Extra Mile: girls riding without pants!

Yeah, I’m also going to hell… I hope to find all the pretty girls and heavy drinker musicians there!

There’s a funny feeling when you’re born and raised in this part of the world, Southern Spain that is. Everybody wants to come here, and even though we don’t want to leave, we love it and hate it here.

However; it’s not so easy to find a place like this one. That’s why so many webzines, motorcycle brands and professional riders come here to ride.

Firstly, the weather in amazing. Not only it’s a sunny environment with plenty of sunlight and not much rain throughout the year, you can also find snow storms sometimes and the possibilities are endless.

I sometimes find new motorbike presentations or press releases in the road I normally go riding every weekend. Journalists coming from California to ride the roads where I was born. Isn’t that great?

They make much better videos than I do… but I’m just learning hehehe

Picasso’s homeland

Image result for picasso

We’ve had dark periods, and I presume we’ve all heard about them, crappy Spain ruled under a bastard and eating each other’s guts when least expected. For a Spaniard the situation is pretty much the same in a way, but people coming from outside actually help us see our home differently.

I was lucky enough to see my first light in this world in Picasso’s city, and the story of my life is long and cool, and I’ve lived abroad and became fully bilingual at an early age. Despite my circumstances I’ve always felt attached to this land. Probably more attached to the coast and mountains and rivers than to the people who inhabit here.

riding a desert or getting to wonderful beaches with beautiful naked women is a normal routine in my rides. The province with the most mountains in the whole Europe is Malaga, and Spain the second most mountainous country just after Switzerland.

The big different with the Alps is that you don’t get to a sandy beach where you can swim there, and that the months they have with good weather all year round might be two or three, just like our bad weather period.

But you know I love riding the Alps too right?

The only desert in Europe right here, well it might not be the only one, we’ve another in Spain, but anyway, you won’t find deserts anywhere else in Europe. When we see the american movies and the Arizona desert, we always think of riding those…

Well, most American movies are shot in Almeria desert, didn’t you know? You’ve seen it more times than you think, just watch Indiana Jones and the last crusade and you’ll get a glimpse of it.

You have dirt tracks anywhere there, you have a speed racing track used by MotoGP riders to train and you’ll get the most wonderful beaches anywhere you look at. No wonder why Ducati comes here so often.

Image result for almeria

Multicultural land

Despite being the newest democracy in Europe -if there really are democracies in Europe- we’ve come a long way through in all these years. It’s been my generation, the ones born right after uncle Franco’s death, the one that has changed everything.

We’ve learnt languages, we’ve travelled, we’ve been to university and we’ve done everything our parents couldn’t. In addition, we’re lucky enough to have received people from everywhere so you can’t find any more cultural place in the whole Europe than Spain now.

Let’s put Spain on the map for motorcycle riders!

So I want to show the world the magnificent rides we can have around here and they might not have heard about.

This place is famous for playing boring golf and for the Puerto Banus parties, but do the people know what’s in here for bikers? I want to conjure all the good things this area has, and that haven’t been spoilt yet by mass tourism and knuckleheads.

Get out of the crowded roads and you’ll get to the solitary ones, get out of the main route and eat cheap organic food as the usual menu anywhere you stop. Ride a bike and see how people are friendly and kids wave their hands from car windows.

See you on the road!

Girls riding without pants!


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    • There will be more to post about it! I’m thinking of making videos about Spain’s rides. If you ever around just let me know and we can ride together, it’d be great getting in touch

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