Twisting the Throttle

Back on Two Wheels and Twisting the Throttle hard!

Extra Mile: Mini Adventure with Charley Boorman in Spain

When you treat me like a prisoner, when life f+ck you up and everything is against you, there’s only one way for you to come around, kicking and screaming like a beast!

Christmas is not a good time for riding motorcycles. Even if the weather is not too bad, there’s always family meetings and stuff to do.

I often ride in Christmas, but this year has been different. I have had a strained wrist since a week before Christmas eve, and I decided to take it easy with the riding or moving it too much.

By the time I recovered, I sat on my beloved motorcycle and started riding. The wrist felt right, unlike previous rides I took not long ago (my bike is my only mean of transport) and it was for fun this time. Well… not entirely.

I had to make a photoshoot for MotoBoar, which will be launched very soon, so I headed to an abandoned tower in the middle of nowhere, quite a creepy place where you would expect strange creatures to show up in the middle of the night.

The photoshoot was virtually impossible. It was so windy we couldn’t fly the drone, it was so cold we could barely move our fingers operating cameras, and we were so short in light most pictures were dim. Cool, but dim anyway… as much as light permitted.

And the entire issue here is how much I miss riding even when I’m not riding enough, not even totally separated from the freedom a motorcycle gives to my life.

The mini champion

Saturday I had to pay a visit to my rider. I sponsored a mini champion and I am helping out doing my very best. That’s a good chance for riding to the race track and getting in touch with the guys there.

But most importantly helping with the training of a champ yet to win. Training the kid is amazing, a job mostly done by his devoted dad, but I enjoy helping out. As team manager my duties are others, but still enjoy having a look.

You can check how well this little fellow will start the races by glimpsing the following video. Amazing! Go JM69, go!!!!!!!

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By the time training session was over, we had a burger at the race track and I finally had the feeling of the job done, the tasks fulfilled and I could finally just be on the bike for the sake of riding.

Spain is one of the very best countries to ride a motorcycle in the world. Here in Spain we excel at many fields, but definitely not at promoting ourselves. As you can see from the extra mile video, riders from around the world come here to launch motorcycles or to make the very best videos in our roads.

Roads I’ve ridden for all my life and roads I truly love. So for the first time in weeks it was only me, the bike and the horizon… and gosh! how good it feels to twist the throttle like there’s no tomorrow!

I rode into Cadiz province, incredibly windy and quite chilly, but sunny after all. I rode hard, the Triumph is a great beast for moderate sport riding in not very tight corners, otherwise you scrap footpegs. However; the speedmaster proved right and it was incredibly fun!

…and I got to the border with Africa, the straight of Gibraltar. You can see northern Morocco from the sand dune where I was standing feeling relieved after all that cornering.

The best paradyse is always just right the corner, poets can see beauty where nobody else can, so that’s my, a poet on two wheels.

See you on the road guys!


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