Sponsoring a champion

I would have loved my dad to get me into competitions at an early age, I think I might have be

en good at rallies or even at speed competitions, who knows. The thing is you cannot tell. But I can make a difference to a little kid round the block.Image result for motocross kid

Extra Mile: Bike Wash

The only person in this universe capable of making a maiden cover with a grunting voice is no other than the god of rock ‘n’ roll, obviously

2018 must be a decisive year for me, no doubt. Not in vain I’m getting involved in the biggest entreprise I’ve ever been in my entire life. Chasing my own dreams.

And therefore I am making my own business (second business), one related to the motorcycle industry and I am producing the most impressive clothing you will ever see… but jokes apart, we’ll have time for it.

But I am sponsoring an eight-year-old motocross rider this year as part of the whole plan. When you make a commercial brand you really want to be seen. Sponsorship someone is good stuff I’d say.

I don’t have much money, but neither has his devoted father who is working like a maniac to buy the motorcycle, the parts, the apparel and pay for gas. It’s not easy when you have a dream but no cash. Look how many riders are actually leaving MotoGP this year for instance, all due to financial problems. Sad but true.

So I really want to shock the world with this rider. If everything goes well he will be winning races soon as his daddy is actually training him real well. The kid is immensely talented and I will provide the financial support needed up to my possibilities.

But we’re both born winners, he will win in the tracks, I will win in the marketplace and we will both get together to the summit.

I feel happy about the whole thing. I will keep you informed as when something this good is coming your way, a big mouth like me can’t shut it up.

See you on the road!


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