Riding through Tabarnia

Tabarnia is a small territory inside Catalonia which has been oppressed for years, in the day they are claiming their independence declaration from Catalonia, or Tabarnexit I can only remember my great memories when riding that land.

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Heroes always claim their people’s freedom. Iron Maiden sings William Wallace’s deeds

Tabarnia is currently having some trouble as we all know what is now happening with Catalonian referendum, former Prime Minister Mr Puigdemont currently hiding in Brussels and all the street turmoil generated.


Having ridden the area I still have a great memory of it and its inhabitants. The route on a motorcycle is simply superb.

Barcelona, Tabarnia’s capital, is one of the most interesting cities to visit in the world, enchanting architecture, lively streets and colourful scenery with the greatest Mediterranean sea bathing the city.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 proved one of the greatest travelling giants in every condition, and it worked incredibly well in any condition from Malaga to Zurich, going through Spain, Catalonia, Tabarnia, France and Switzerland.

Tabarnia is a paradise, sunny beaches, lovely weather and a financial and business centre in Europe. However; more than 3,000 companies have fled the region in order to relocate their HQ in Spain due to political chaos generated by separatists.

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Catalonia is an Autonomous Community inside Spain, one of the 17 parliaments which rule different regions. Catalonia has four provinces, Lleida and Gerona, ruled by separatists, and Tarragona and Barcelona, inhabited by Tabarnians.

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As rural vote is favoured by its own circumscription, they can become represented with fewer voters, so their politicians would normally end up in a better position. So Tarragona and Barcelona, being the wealthiest regions they produce the biggest amount of cash in tax.

So their money is being used for paying separatism and they can be forced to a change the same way many Britons feel with Brexit. Puidemont government made good use of that money against 90% of Spaniards’ opinion in making fictional embassies in Europe, making a referendum against the law and self-proclaiming independence as a Republic.

Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson have openly supported the separatism campaign, didn’t they know they were oppressing Tabarnians?

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I would encourage other riders from Spain, Europe and all over the world to ride in Tabarnia in order to show their support to their utopia.

Thousands of jobs are currently being destroyed, tourism is dropping down and major companies and banks are leaving, while we are not doing anything at all. Their Parlament is totally broken and paralyzed without a government and legal and political problems with between former ministers and Spain is unbearable for the normal daily life of Tabarnians.

No hay texto alternativo automático disponible.The good thing is that they’ve become trending topic all of a sudden and now their voices will be heard. It seemed we only had separatists and unionists in Catalonia, and the ethnic minority of Tabarnians was never acknowledged… until now.

See you on the road!

My travelling memories

Picture of the first Multistrada I rode to Zurich.


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