Body Armour

Let’s be honest, we do not like to be protected because protective gear is normally uncomfortable.

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Extra Mile Epic Motocross Moments

We sometimes have to leave space to new bands on the scene and listen what the new guys are doing don’t you think?

The body protection on the title is simply superb, if I am to crash, I’d rather be wearing that than casual clothes.

But I am to hand around with friends with the bike, something that involves café stops, cheering up and flirting around, you don’t want to wear a knight’s body armour. It’s simply uncomfortable.

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David Beckham riding an incredible Knucklehead, no protection at all… 😦

I swear I’ve been breaking my ass and brains lately in order to do something about it. It’s costing me some cash -well not much, only all that I got, not much- lots of time and a huge effort. But the perspective of riding comfortably and protected is not so far away.

Bureaucracy in the old continent is something huge, and so lot so of trouble, but I have just embarked on a huge project that might end up with me victorious or broke, but I will give something to this world which has given me so much.

The thing is I have invested pretty much everything I got, and I am still on the way, but the perspective is now amazing. The proclivity to wear the unfinished prototypes I already have instead of my old leathers says it all.

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See this Honda Rebel 500 advert, looking incredibly good, the rider -a model in this case- represents the archetype of vintage looking rider.

Leather jacket, jeans, boots, leather gloves and open face helmet. As if we were still in the 70’s or even earlier in time.

This is a look I truly love, but it is not protecting anyone. No impact absorption in joints such as knees or elbows and who knows what’s the abrasion resistance of those jeans. So not the best outfit for a crash.

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What can we say about these two kids? not protected at all while doing crazy stuff. They look more trendy, more fashion, but the same old sh+t, they are not protected.

So I am doing my very best to change that tendency, I have a very little push over the motorcycle industry, but I believe in myself and the ideas I am developing and I truly think we can help kids ride in a much safer way.

The shirt I am wearing on this video is amazing, it looks just like any other flannel shirt on the market, but it has full kevlar lining and body armoured -which is not noticeable- and it offers the very best of both worlds.

What we have created is something big in the sense that it is comfortable up to the point of working in the office and not feeling the protections at all.

When we stop for breakfast it’s wonderful to still look bikerlike and to be protected even when eating your toast without noticing.

La imagen puede contener: una persona, sonriendo, texto

Because we have to be honest to ourselves, we love nearly naked people on motorcycles, they look great for calendars, but when we are risking our own security the issue is a bit different.

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See you on the road!


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