Ride the Snow – 5 tips for winter riding

Image result for biker girl snowIt’s winter once again, and many riders do not want to stop riding despite the cold weather conditions. See our top five tips for cold riding and as an extra mile, the incredible Snow Chopper that has been built to cope with the hardest conditions.

despite the cold winter, remember the sun always shines on sooner or later. atrocity 80’s cover, enjoy

So if you’re riding no matter the conditions, congratulations, you’re a heck of a rider as many brothers and sisters would rather stay by the fireplace instead of enjoying the cold air and snow out there.

1 – Appropriate Gear

Image result for biker girl snow

Dressing sexy or comfortable is the very best experience on a motorcycle. However; you’re riding in winter so keep in mind you need to isolate your body to the harsh conditions outside the most.

Use your gear to the full potential, closed zippers, internal winter coat etc. and make sure you’re not riding with a perforated jacket for summer.

Having said the stupid things first, let’s get to the appropriate gear advice, use thermal underwear clothing. You can easily get it from sports shops now, as some skiing gear might do.

These kind of wear is cheaper than motorcycle clothes, and it is sometimes more effective.

2 – Tyres

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If you’re not using the proper tyres for the conditions you can find on the roads you are simply an idiot. It’s okay to try out for a couple of yards how my bike would behave on mud or snow, but making it for a long haul is never an option.

Tyres are our only connection to the ground, and we’re totally lost without them. In every adventure you should choose the correct tyre for it.

If you are an all purpose rider get an all purpose tyre, and make sure it is not ruined before you hit the roads.

3 – Gloves

Image result for biker girl snow

We should always wear gloves, even in warm weather. Gloves on a motorbike save our hands from being destroyed on the asphalt, as the first thing we all do when we fall is to stop hitting our body with our hands.

That natural reaction needs protection, and so your gloves must be tough. In addition, talking about winter riding we are also talking that our hands will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

If you can install heated grips, that’s it, you got it. If you don’t have them, well, there are still things we can do. Take winter gloves, and enhance them with some thermal protection. I bought jogging gloves from sports shop, they’re thin and warm, and they work real well below my motorcycle ones.

I always carry plastic gloves taken from petrol stations in my jacket pocket. This gives me the chance to wear them between both layers, and adding plastic would stop any moisture from getting in, even in rain.

4 – Neck Protection

Related imageFor experienced riders this is obvious, for rookies it can be a life saving lesson. Your neck is usually very exposed to weather conditions, so cover it up properly in order to avoid getting ill.

There are great bandanas, scarves and shit on the market, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, you simply have to cover your neck with some clothing.

It can even save you in warmer weather for insect impacts. I once got hit by a bloody beetle on my neck and I can tell you it hurts.

5 – Be a Hero

Only those riding in all weather conditions can be called true bikers. You don’t have to wait for the storm to ride into it, but you don’t back up because of it either. Show the rest of two wheelers there are kids and real brothers and sisters of the bikes.

Related image

See you on the road!

Extra Mile, The Snow Harley


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