Life Before Death

There will be a moment in which we will be gone, when we will get divorced from this life, and who knows what comes next… what we can all know is what happened before. The biggest discovery of the 20th Century is that there’s life before death!

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Born to lose, live to win… the most hated band, the one considered the worst band ever in the 70’s is now a religion to many of us, and lemmy is the god, and he was never on your side…

Men in their mid-life crisis tend to buy convertible cars, which are not the solution when what you really want to buy is youth and freedom.

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Something inside you is calling out for a solution, and you don’t quite get what it is. Well, the answer is simple, live your life the way it makes you happy.

Most of the complications we get in life are self inflicted, and it’s only us who have the key to unlock our dreams.

I didn’t have to get to a mid-life crisis to know I wanted to dedicate my life to riding motorbikes and rock and roll, and that’s what I am doing.

But this is no bed of roses, and I have to get off the bike from time to time in order to earn a living, spend time with my beloved girlfriend or family or just hang around the house for reparations, obligations etc.

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And things can sometimes appear too big to handle, like a kid sitting on somebody else’s motorbike for a picture. The difference is in the kid’s mind, as what the kid is thinking is the key.

Image result for biker girlMotorbikes are controlled with the mind. If you jumped off your bike while accelerating and let it go on a straight line, the bike would just go on while inertia is pushing it.

If throttle does not come back, it would just go on indefinitely until it crashes, but it won’t lose balance on its own. We corner with our minds.

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Looking where you want to go is the only way to make your bike respond and go exactly there… and that’s our lives too.

Get a goal, a target where you want to go, and fight for it. You can always have an accident and die, but that won’t stop you doing it because, we can always do it right and live a plentiful life anyway you want to live it.

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The only rule is there are no rules.. just have fun

Look at the infinite and ask yourself what the hell you want to do with your life, with your time, with your happiness. When you know it, start riding towards it, and meanwhile you’re doing it, study and learn how to succeed.

Do not wait for things to come your way, do not wait for planets to get in line, do not wait for death to come for you… do it anyway and do it now.

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And coming to all these things in my life, I decided it was time for a change, as the call of the wild knocked at my door.

When I was a kid I used to have a passion for dogs, horses and motorcycles no-one could actually understand. Horseriding was soon banned at home, a broken arm was enough for my mum to prohibit it, so I had to ride motorcycles only since then 😉

…and about dogs, I read all books about them, and Jack London’s call of the wild was my favourite, how a domestic dog gets the call of nature and decides to follow his own spirit.

Related imageIn my case, I thought of  going back to the wild, get a nice cave, hunt and grow my own food and live like our ancestors.

But the perspective of more than half of my life without a motorcycle doesn’t look too bright. So I have to change my lifestyle in order to get wild and not losing my two wheel religion.

The only option is to forget about the rest of the world and spend most of my days riding. No matter how, no matter where, no matter when. Just ride, just have fun.

extra mile

Real party time!

See you on the road!


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