Riding The Clouds

You don’t have to be a cowboy to ride into the sunset…

…But you must share the same passion for freedom

Just like a cowboy riding the desert, that’s how we feel when society treats us like shit… but we will always have rock & roll

Winter is good enough to ride in Southern Spain, a bit chilly but still okay, and so I did. I put on my gear, tied my boots and helmets and I just rode.

Mountain roads are icy at dawn, so you better sleep longer and wait for the Mediterranean sun to shine. The view is simply gorgeous.

And I rode so much time uphill the inevitable was to get to the highest town in the province, which is one of the most beautiful in the area, welcome to the picturesque town of Comares.

Colder weather will normally keep away tourists, and the view was all for me. The magnificent coast showed up in the horizon while I stopped to recover from saddle sore.

Solo riding is always like this, time out to think of your stuff and detox from all the inner chatter society is making us digest every day. This is simply freedom.

The Triumph pulled uphill like a gentle beast, nothing like a bit amount of torque power to enjoy cruising to the end of the world. Riding alone makes me go slower, like there’s nobody to challenge or nothing to prove.

Sunshine and cold wind make a perfect sky. I am not a poet or a painter, I might not be able to spot beauty the same way they do. However; I become part of the scenery, I belong to the entire landscape.

And once I got home I knew I had to find a nice place to watch the sun go down. It wasn’t garage time yet. Breathtaking.

See you on the road!


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