I’m a Biker + Why do you hate me?

Probably wearing leather, a lost expression of satisfaction on the face and not the best looking guy.

If we’re talking about dudes probably a beard, tattoos in any case… Hell yeah! We’re Bikers!

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True metal fans could not believe the Load and Reload albums when Metallica sound changed to a more underground rock version of themselves. The albums are pretty good, the production and the effort put on the videos superb and promotion made them reach further audiences, especially the mtv. But did they betray their true fans?

Image result for bikerWearing a helmet is not the best way to show up, because let’s face it, people are afraid of bikers.

This video shows it quite well in the sense of how fear makes us do stupid things like handing a gun when someone approaches you. Let’s be honest, that’s not the way people on smart suits will be seen. That’s bikers curse.

And it all seems to work like that since the beginning of times. See the masterpiece Easy Rider, how people hated them just because they were bikers. But they mention it in the movie, ‘they don’t fear us, they fear what we represent’.

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The essence of the motorcycle is the freedom, so bikers represent just that. In addition, bikes are dangerous, so bikers are also tough.

So bikers won’t let you take down that freedom they enjoy just because you don’t like motorbikes, bikers will fight back any struggle and will always bet against all odds. That’s what scares them!

I’m a Biker + Why do you love me?

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Bikers will also make people love them, as freedom is always loved. But this dangerous freedom that goes against society values sometimes is not that good, isn’t it?

When the good and pretty girl is high-school is willing to give away her virginity, she’d probably put her eyes on the football captain, the handsome kid, or the one with the motorcycle.

Daddy won’t be that interested, for sure. But daddy can say, but she is the one who would decide. That’s biker’s attitude.

I’m a Biker + Why do you envy me?

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When heroes are admired, they are great. When heroes are envied, they’re the worst people to the eyes of society, because they represent what they cannot achieve in their lives.

As many poor souls out there do not know the immense happiness of riding

Many have not met the brothers and sisters of the road

Many experienced not the freedom


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