Tattoos and Motorcycles

Tattoos are trendy these days, you can find them anywhere, and that’s just fine with me. I believe they’re very nice to look at and actually, tattooed people look better naked.

Apart from that, why have bikers always been addicted to ink?

Forever is too long to be understood in human terms, we will all be dead and gone one day, but still trying to make a different and stand out of the crowd, to remain here like TATTOOS in our skin.

Granma used to tell me not to get a tattoo done, as if war were to come, tattooed people will be killed sooner, as that was something of bad guys…

And maybe that old lady was right, despite her civil war mentality, she saw how society see tattooed people, dangerous and bad guys in a way.

I have always seen tattooes as freedom, be who you are, do what you want to do and do not care about other people’s opinions. I guess both things are pretty much in a biker’s mind right?

Mercenary+Garage+Custom+Motorcycle+Workshop+Dublin+Honda+ST70+Dax+Tattoo+Girl.jpg (960×960)

Mariners, prisoners, soldiers and bikers have been equally blamed as for living a bohemian life and become society’s misfits soon. Getting a tattoo done was probably the best way to agree to all that.

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But let’s not forget how good looking they are, how sexy one looks when tattooed and how passionate you must be for getting a tattoo inked in your skin for the rest of your life.

I sometimes think how will my tattoos look like once I’m dead and gone. Some mummies have been discovered wearing tattoos, so I guess future archaeologists will have to figure out why people wore them.

Belle créature.

They might think it was a ritual, a kind of myth that made us experience some quest in order to become a member of something. They might be wrong according to our own perspectives, or maybe not.

See you on the road!

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