Comfortable riding

Feeling comfortable is very important and it’s not always easy to achieve it?

Protective gear will definitely protect you, but it will also reduce your moves so I strongly believe we are in need of another option… do you think that girl is feeling comfortable at Mickey Rourke’s back?

Image result for is riding a motorcycle uncomfortable

Lemmy Kilmister, godfather of rock music and the real incarnation of god on earth has always been fond of motorcycles. He used to ride a Triumph back in the old days, but he decided to stop riding as his speed consumption habit was not the best combination on two wheels. enjoy this soa video with the one that should have been the show soundtrack…

Been riding for years, and one of the biggest issues have always been apparel. Proper motorcycle apparel is expensive and uncomfortable when you’re not riding.

It can even be uncomfortable on the bike, which is the price for protective stuff. However; I believe that is not the only way.

Image result for hoodieI love riding when I’m only wearing a hoodie, and I guess all of us do. The feeling is great, it’s almost like flying on your motorcycle.

You can feel the air coming in through your sleeves and it’s light. It also allows you to move freely and the sensation is like you are wearing nothing.

So I invested all my time and money in developing a new project which is still in the prototype stage, but that I have been lucky enough to test so far. The casual protective clothing you wouldn’t expect.

The picture above is an example of a possible publicity campaign, I guess we will finally make it with proper models and not me, but so far it works just fine. The hoodie I’m wearing here is fully armoured and kevlar protected, so that’s something just wonderful.

WOODSMAN Protective

I’m also developing a shirt, just like woodmen wear, very trendy, it looks great with a vest on, it is even lighter than the hoodie and the feel is wonderful.

So I believe that should be my little contribution to the motorcycle world, and I am most determined to getting there.

I will introduce the entire line-up on Spring 2018, and it will rock!

See you on the road!


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