Booming Blog!

When I first started posting on this blog, I didn’t have any idea of what was to happen… I could have never imagined the number of visitors I was to get, and what it might seem a small amount for many, it seems like lots to me. Thank you all!

A cover album by heavy metal giants metallica had to have something old flavoured, and so they came up with a great version of the dubliners, whiskey in the jar. thin lizzy had already played it before in rock style, but metallica made it metal!

Last Week

Statistics are booming for what would be considered normal for a tiny blog like this one, and I can’t be more thankful about that, just can’t be happier.

I started this blog as a window to show the world what I love, what impresses and obsesses me, and by comments and interaction I believe it’s working great.

Social Media might not be booming, but people still get in this humble web and read my articles from all over the world.


Getting more readers means no change at all in the essence, but it brings me the responsibility of trying to make things better.

I am in a race to who knows where, investing all my money and time, not much in either case, in doing something remarkable in the motorcycle business for the first time, and getting more presence is the best that could happen.

I beg your pardon for some business related content that will appear on this blog, but it will on everybody’s use, I promise. You may find what you were looking for.


Being yourself is a must, and I believe it’s worth showing you what moves my body every morning, music. So I just decided to enhance each post with a music video to play while you’re reading it.

If you don’t like the music, play something else or nothing. If you enjoy it, better.

See you on the Road!

And thank you all!!!


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