Suggested Mapping 8 and roll the dice for a 6

Congratulations Marc Marquez 93!

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It’s been a tough year for most of the riders and it hasn’t been easy, the last race also brought crashes, nearly crashes and team orders. Thrilling until the end.

An eleventh position would be okay for Marquez even if Dovizioso won the race. All odds were in his favour, but that’s never enough for the spaniard, he needed to handle victory.

Lorenzo did a great start and got stuck in fourth position, leaving Dovizioso behind him. That shouldn’t be a problem when one of them, teammates, was actually betting for a rider 93 crash and win the race, and therefore the championship, but Lorenzo is no usual rider.

Suggested Mapping Mapping 8

We’ve all learnt what that means recently, it literaly means one Ducati lets the other pass, which didn’t happen in The Spanish GP at Valencia Ricardo Tormo despite the team efforts.

Nevertheless they also included the message on his board, but he just didn’t feel like it. I guess meetings at Ducati were intense after the race.

And Marquez out…

…well maybe not after all. Amazing how he managed to continue on two wheels after all. It was one of those moments in which our heart stopped, but when he came back that was it.

Dovizioso crashed, maybe too nervous. And Lorenzo crashed, maybe he should have let him pass after all.

Do you agree with team orders? I think it can actually end up with the heritage of motorcycle racing by adding too much information. I know it’s all about reality TV now and people want to know how riders can be told off by their teams, but I’m not a fan of this.

Johan Zarco, who had been battling Marquez and even leading the race for a while, was left alone up front, but before Pedrosa, who had been doing his job of cutting back enemies from Marquez’s back now attacked and passed him. Great race, and even better season!

See you on the road!


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