Kawasaki Z900RS – Japanese Heritage

Image result for Kawasaki Z900RS

Getting a best selling bike from the past and tuning it into the present it’s not just a designing exercise, it’s keeping the essence of what riding a motorcycle was back in the day when motorcycles were not computers on two wheels.

Image result for Kawasaki Z900RSTake an old day beauty and make it up to date, and make it look beautiful and effective and there you are, you got yourself a real hipster bike!

True competitor for the Bonnevilles and R nine Ts out there, however, the japanese heritage comes in four cylinder configuration.

Image result for Kawasaki Z900RS

Having said all that this bike looks like the perfect competitor for the Honda CB, as those who ride european will probably still ride european no matter what.

Looks are important for a bike like this, but numbers are too, and claiming 111 horse power it gets closer to the R nine T leaving the Thruxton look small. But never underestimate the two cylinder brit!

We’ll get to know more about this bike soon.


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